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12:39 ticket/0852 created by adani


14:33 Changeset [2813] by charris

#662 First set of changes - more details in ticket.

11:24 Changeset [2812] by charris

#662 Before major changes started, add bug-fix to index in ice stress rotation code and turn off setting of ln_rnf since this needs to be true to allow special treatment at river mouths.

11:09 Changeset [2811] by charris

Create a branch for work on UKMO8/LOCEAN2, details in ticket #662

11:08 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_INGV edited by poddo
10:38 Ticket #852 (wave forcing interface) created by adani
Implementation of the drag coefficient computed by wave model
10:35 Changeset [2810] by adani

Created branch to implement a wave forcing interface

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19:55 ticket/0851 created by poddo
18:32 Ticket #851 (New branch dev_r2802_INGV4_zdfRic to implement a modified version of the ...) created by poddo
Created a branch to implement a modified version of the Ric number …
18:24 Changeset [2809] by poddo

Created branch to implement a modified version of the richardson number dependent vertical mixing

17:34 Changeset [2808] by acc

Corrected version of simplified harmonic Neptune effect.
This version runs OK in ORCA2 and ORCA1 configurations.

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12:46 ticket/0850 created by vichi
12:37 Ticket #850 (Created branch dev_r2784_INGV2_bulk to implement a new set bulk formula) created by vichi
Created a branch to implement a new set of bulk formula (INGV 2 - …
08:04 ticket/0848/Review created by sga
Review page opened for a review of questions to be answered!


18:35 Changeset [2807] by acc

Branch: dev_r2802_NOCS_vvlfix. Bugfix corrections to the calculation of fse3u_b and fse3v_b to address problems with vvl and partial steps. See comments added to ticket #812

11:39 Changeset [2806] by acc

Temporary development branch to implement and test bugfixes relating to the vvl with partial steps. See comments added to ticket #812


17:47 Changeset [2805] by rblod

dev_r2802_LOCEAN10_agrif_lim: first implementation see ticket #848

17:05 Changeset [2804] by rblod

dev_r2802_LOCEAN10_agrif_lim: first implementation see ticket #848

16:52 ticket/0848 edited by rblod


13:39 Ticket #849 (dynamic allocation in limrhg_2) created by rblod
When using VP rheology with LIM2 (key_lim2 + key_lim2_vp), arrays for …


10:21 Changeset [2803] by rblod

Create a specific branch for AGRIF with sea-ice

10:21 ticket/0848 created by rblod
10:19 Ticket #848 (agrif with sea-ice) created by rblod
Create a branch for agrif with sea-ice, LIM2-VP and LIM2-EVP only at this …
09:53 Ticket #847 (update of TS with agrif) closed by rblod
09:49 Changeset [2802] by rblod

Correct update of T and S with agrif, see ticket #847

09:43 Ticket #847 (update of TS with agrif) created by rblod
After the merge of TRA-TRP, tracers are not correctly updated on the …


19:45 Changeset [2801] by vichi

Bug corrected in sbcblk_core.F90

15:31 Changeset [2800] by davestorkey
  1. Application of boundary conditions to barotropic and baroclinic velocities clearly separated.
  2. Option to input full velocities in boundary data (default expects barotropic and baroclinic velocities separately).
  3. Option to use initial conditions as boundary conditions coded.


19:12 Changeset [2799] by vichi

Updated sbcblk_core.F90 so it can be used for both ORCA2 and ORCA025


16:18 Changeset [2798] by vichi

Added initial coupling with BFM

14:46 ticket/0846 edited by vichi
14:41 ticket/0846 created by vichi
14:22 Ticket #846 (New Branch for 2011 development CMCC.1: improved TOP interface with BFM) created by vichi
Branch to develop a common interface for other biogeochemical models not …
13:15 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_CMCC edited by vichi
12:53 Changeset [2797] by davestorkey

Delete BDY module and first implementation of new OBC module.

  1. Initial restructuring.
  2. Use fldread to read open boundary data.
11:23 Changeset [2796] by davestorkey

2011 Developments: OBC-BDY merge. UKMO 4,5,6; MERCATOR 6


15:21 Changeset [2795] by acc

First set of changes for simplified laplacian Neptune, see ticket #843


15:48 ticket/0845 edited by cbricaud
15:47 ticket/0844 edited by cbricaud
15:46 Changeset [2794] by cbricaud

create a branch for 2011 devlopment: MERCATOR.3 — Tidal potential

15:43 ticket/0845 created by cbricaud
15:38 Ticket #845 (new branch for 2011 developments: MERCATOR.3 — Tidal potential) created by cbricaud
15:26 Changeset [2793] by cbricaud

cbricaud: create a branch for 2011 development: MERCATOR.2 — Tidal harmonic package

15:11 ticket/0844 created by cbricaud
15:06 Ticket #844 (new branch for 2011 developments: MERCATOR.2 — Tidal harmonic package) created by cbricaud


15:37 Changeset [2792] by acc

Deleted obsolete and inactive development branch for the Neptune effect. Replacement branch now in 2011 developments

15:22 Changeset [2791] by acc

branch for NOCS.10 Neptune Effect development, see ticket #843

15:15 Ticket #843 (New Branch for 2011 development NOCS.10: Neptune effect) created by acc
Create a new branch for Neptune effect parameterisation (NOCS). === …
10:46 ticket/0842_TRA_TRP edited by cetlod
10:32 ticket/0842_TRA_TRP edited by cetlod
10:20 ticket/0842_TRA_TRP edited by cetlod
10:04 ticket/0842_TRA_TRP created by cetlod
09:42 Ticket #823 (OFFLINE: bug in bbl diffusive coefficient) closed by cetlod


13:28 Changeset [2790] by cetlod

small changes in TRA/TRP branch

13:18 Changeset [2789] by cetlod

Implementation of the merge of TRA/TRP : first guess, see ticket #842

12:47 Changeset [2788] by cetlod

Create a specific branch for the merge of TRA/TRP transport routines, see ticket #842

12:43 Ticket #842 (Create a branch for 2011 developments on merge TRA/TRP transport routines) created by cetlod
LOCEAN 3 : Continuation of the work done in 2010 on the merge of active & …
11:54 Ticket #841 (NEMO/OFFLINE : The model does not work when ln_zco is activated) closed by cetlod
fixed: Done, see changeset:2787
11:54 Changeset [2787] by cetlod

Bug correction in NEMO/OFFLINE, see ticket #841

11:51 Ticket #841 (NEMO/OFFLINE : The model does not work when ln_zco is activated) created by cetlod
- There still exists useless CPP key key_zco in oce_trc.F90 - the 3D …
10:37 Ticket #840 (pathy outputfiles with 1 daily write frequence velocity fields in NEST ...) created by ebehrens
Hey all, I get with a daily write frequences a pathy output for the …
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