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2010: from merge party to 3_3 release

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This page is intended to faciltate the work of the next weeks, i.e. beween the merge party and the release of 3_3. Feel free to edit it to add your informations comments, suggestions….

19 october 2010: branch nemo_v3_3_beta created

After the merge party, the branch with all developments of the year is build:
This beta version is available using :
svn co (read only)
svn+ssh://"your_login" (read/write).

List of tests done and results:

Add here test description (Branch nemo_v3_3_beta, Revision2298 (now) , configuration, computer, restartability, …)

DescriptionRevision noConfigurationComputerPerf. memoryPerf. CPURestartabilityOthers

List of problems, solutions…

Before releasing it to developper's for beta testing, the following weaknesses should be solved: (please update the informations)

DateRevision noProblem descriptionTo be solved by:State DateVersion
with AGRIF LOCEAN and LJK Compilation now OK but not execution
new EVP rheology got lost during the merge MERCATOR & LOCEAN routines and namelist commited, some tests still ongoing?? 27 Oct 2010 2320
Atmopheric pressure MERCATOR & LOCEAN
Suppress TKE old option LOCEAN done, ticket #742 22 Oct 2010
add LibIGCM as external LOCEAN tbd
choose between key_mpp_rep1 and key_mpp_rep2, rename it key_mpp_rep and clean the code LOCEAN done, ticket #743 22 Oct 2010
add surface pressure forcing MERCATOR tbd
correct input files, in ORCA2_LIM tar file, suppress duplicated files, rename chlorophyll one to fit the namelist, add a sample of observation file LOCEAN tbd
bottom condition for GLS should be checked MERCATOR done 20 Oct 2010 rev 2309 in zdfbfr.F90
execution fails after 2 time step using time splitting and VVL UKMO and LOCEAN modifications sent by LOCEAN and checked by UKMO
Compilation erros to be fixed NOC under test 9 November
Modifications on Griffies operator to be added NOC

Rules to follow:

  • all correction to the developments done in 2010 should be done on the beta branch, not on the original branch
    - contribution to the documentation should be send directly to Gurvan, with Rachid on copy
    - between now end the tag nemo_v3_2_2 correction of bugs have to be done on both the trunk and the beta branch when the bugs are on the two version


  • diffusion to the developers at the beginning of november
    - tag a last version stable of nemo_v_3_2 (nemo_v3_2_2) at the end of december
    - put back the beta version on the trunk just after
    - tag and release nemo_v3_3
    - delete the developments branches for 2010 (if they went back to the new version off course)

Announcement of 3_3 to users (To be improved, in particular by adding the ticket number to find more details on the development)

Main features:

Scientific and numeric Developments

  • Lateral ocean physics: Griffies operator added
  • Vertical mixing scheme Generic Length Scale (GLS) added
  • Changes in bottom boundary layer (bbl)
  • Develop mixed laplacian-bilaplacian diffusion
  • Time stepping : modified Leap-Frog Asselin filter (MLF) implemented
  • Sea-ice: the Elasto-Visco Plastic (EVP) rheology has been added in LIM2 (the oldest version of the sea-ice component)
  • Atmospheric pressure forcing added
  • Change formulation of the fluxes between ocean, ice and atmosphere : an exchange of water (mass exchange) is now explicitly associated with an exchange of heat and salt content.
  • New implementation of river runoffs
  • Diurnal cycle added
  • Coupling interface for WRF atmospheric model added
  • Development of data assimilation modules OBS and ASM
  • Linear-tangent and Adjoint component (TAM) added, phased on tag 3.0

Computing Developments

  • Performance improvements in parallel (MPI)
  • Reorganisation in tracers transport computation (merge of TRA and TRC modules)
  • Biogeochemistry offline (TOP) reorganised (avoid routines dupplication between on-line and offline use of TOP)
  • "On the fly" interpolation added for input (forcing) files
  • Use of FCM (Flexible Configuration Manager) to build the chosen configuration, generate Makefile and run it to produce the executable)


  • Major updates in the reference manual, which is now more in phase with the code
  • Smaller updates on the web pages documentation (but FAQ page more actie from now on)
  • Detailed documentation and results of the reference configuration ORCA2_LIM forced by CORE II

Major changes

  • In MPP, number of processors is now done by cpp keys: -Dkey_nproci=2 Dkey_nprocj=2 for instance'
  • FCM use changes the diectory hierarchy and the way to set up configuration and create executable