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'''Summary of validation for the 2011 branch of the year (alpha release)''' =

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Summary (alpha release)

After the merge party, a month of tests to validate the branch.dev_NEMO_MERGE_2011

In order to exchange informations, this wiki page to list the tests and results

Revision Computer/Compiler? Test comments
3167 macosx 10.6.8/gfortran GYRELOB restartability OK after add use in_out_manager in file domngb.F90. Done in branch
3167 macosx 10.6.8/gfortran GYRELOB repro OK
3167 macosx10.6.8/gfortran AMM repro NO: same for for the first 62 time steps but differs afterwards
3167 macosx10.6.8/gfortran AMM restart NO : negative SSS at first time step for "SHORT"
3167 macosx10.6.8/gfortran ORCA2OFF restart OK
3167 macosx10.6.8/gfortran ORCA2OFF repro OK
3176 Power6/xlf ORCA1 NEMO-CICE repro OK (tested 4x8, 8x4, 6x5 and 5x6)
3176 Power6/xlf ORCA2_LIM_PISCES repro OK
3176 Power6/xlf ORCA2_LIM_PISCES restart OK
3179 Power6/xlf ORCA1 NEMO-CICE restart OK
3186 macosx10.6.8/gfortran GYRE small config, cost of timing approx +12%
3186 macosx10.6.8/gfortran ORCA2_LIM_PISCES larger config cost of timing approx. + 0.5%
3189 dell/ifort (Mercator) GYRELOB restartability OK
3189 dell/ifort (Mercator) GYRELOB repro OK
3189 dell/ifort (Mercator) ORCA2_LIM_PISCES OK
3189 dell/ifort (Mercator) ORCA2_LIM_PISCES OK
3189 dell/ifort (Mercator) ORCA2OFF restart OK
3189 dell/ifort (Mercator) ORCA2OFF repro OK
3189 dell/ifort (Mercator) AMM restartability NOK
3189 dell/ifort (Mercator) AMM repro NOK : same for for the first 62 time steps but differs afterwards
3275 Power6/xlf UM N96 atmos with ORCA1 NEMO-CICE restart OK
3275 Power6/xlf ORCA1 NEMO-CICE restart NOK if using ln_bfrimp with TKE