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NEMO 2016 workplan - Shared actions

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Action Brief description Status end 2015 From PI
AGRIF-1 Implement Vertical Grid Refinement Met Office Daley Calvert/Tim? Graham


HPC-1 Scalability with MPI-OpenMP CMCC S. Mocavero
Config. Manager
CONFIGMAN-1 Agree and test SIREN code working group


System simplification
SIMPLIF-1 Non-linear free surface as default option NOC Andrew Coward


Wave coupling
WAVE-1 Surface coupling modifications for waves Met Office Francois-Xavier Boquet


NEMO robustness
ROBUST-1 TOP online coarsening Mercator, CNRS Clement Bricaud, Coralie Perruche, Christian Ethé


GMD Special Issue
Coupling NEMO with wave model: first step and sensitivity experiments in the Mediterranean Sea INGV E. Clementi



AGRIF-1 / institution - title

Motivation: Vertical grid refinement in NEMO would be a useful tool in simulating some aspects of the ocean (e.g. overflows)
Status: Laurent Debreu has a first attempt version of this.
Main Tasks: Take Laurent's 1st attempt code and update/improve it to provide this functionality
Science Reviewer:
System Reviewer:
Priority: Medium
Depends on:
Principal Investigator : Daley Calvert/Tim? Graham (TBD)