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    105105 - Would it be possible to use the results of an existing tidal analysis to perform the detiding through XIOS ? That could be an even more efficient alternative to the 25 h filtering. I'm afraid that harmonics would have to be read in NEMO ?    
     107=== Reply to previewer's comments 
     109As recommended by the previewer, the proposed multiple linear regression analysis facility is proposed to be well documented in the NEMO manual, supported by examples. Fruther, much of the XIOS configuration required for tidal harmonic analysis can be included in the default configuration file source:/NEMO/trunk/cfgs/SHARED/field_def_nemo-ice.xml, so that the additional XIOS configuration required to enable output of the intermediate data remains relatively simple. As suggested, an example analysis is proposed to be enabled in the reference configuration `AMM12`; this has the additional benefit of routine testing of a part of the proposed analysis implementation as part of the SETTE test suite. 
     111As suggested by the previewer, the existing module `dia25h` will not be removed as part of this action. The existing and proposed new detiding mechanisms are independent of each other, therefore the new variant can be implemented in a new module as planned. Further, the previewer alludes to potential alternative developments relating to detiding. While alternative detiding mechanisms can be explored outside the scope of the present workplan action, the new module could potentially provide an ideal place to implement such developments in the future. Therefore, the new module is proposed to be called less specifically `diadetiding` rather than `diam2detiding`. 
     113I would like to thank the previewer for previewing the proposed new implementations for tidal diagnostics in NEMO, as well as for useful recommendations and suggestions. 
    106115== Tests