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     1= Working on tickets 
     4Last edition: '''[[Wikinfo(changed_ts)]]''' by '''[[Wikinfo(changed_by)]]''' 
     8== Overview 
     9The ticketing system for NEMO is quite active with about 160 ticket opened per year : 
     11It is quite important to keep the ticketing system up to date, and thus to work on closing the tickets (with or without an associated commit) in an acceptable delay. 
     12This implies that all NEMO System Team members and hopefully other developers (see list of experts involved in September 2017 at bottom of this page) contribute to this work on a regular basis. 
     13This page describes the associated workflow and the responsibilities of each expert in these tasks. 
     15== Role and tasks of experts 
     17=== Following the list of tickets and accepting some assignements 
     18The list of open tickets needing some additionnal work is available here (where type "Development branch" and "task" type have been excluded) :!Development+branch&type=!Task&group=version&max=200&col=id&col=summary&col=status&col=type&col=owner&col=priority&col=component&col=time&col=reporter&desc=1&order=time 
     20Each relevant ticket should be assigned to an expert, meaning that only actually new tickets should appear with "new" status, whereas all others should appear as "assigned". 
     22Each expert is requested to check regularly the list of open tickets in order to: 
     23* accept some assignments which are relevant to his expertise or good will 
     24* propose assignments for newly created tickets 
     26In fact, if we intend to have an up-to-date ticketing system, there should be nearly no tickets under "new" status, and each expert should have a few (more than one...) tickets assigned to him. 
     32== List of experts involved from system team mailing list, Sept. 2017 
     33* Andrew Coward 
     34* Alistair Sellar 
     35* Ana Aguiar 
     36* Andrew Yool 
     37* Clement BRICAUD 
     38* Christian Ethe 
     39* Claire Levy 
     40* Clare O''Neill 
     41* Claudio Sanchez 
     42* Clement Rousset 
     43* Calvert Daley 
     44* Damiano Delrosso 
     45* Dan Copsey 
     46* Dave Storkey 
     47* David Ford 
     48* Dorotea normal 
     49* Emanuela Clementi 
     50* Enda O''Dea 
     51* Francesca Mele 
     52* George Nurser 
     53* Gelsomina Mattia 
     54* Georgina Long 
     55* Gurvan Madec 
     56* Guillaume Reffray 
     57* guillaume samson 
     58* Nacho Merino 
     59* Isabella Ascione 
     60* james while 
     61* Jamie Rae 
     62* Jerome Chanut 
     63* James Harle 
     64* Jennifer Graham 
     65* Jonah Roberts 
     66* Jon Tinker 
     67* Juan Castillo 
     68* Julien Palmieri 
     69* Julien Paul 
     70* Marc Stringer 
     71* Martin Vancoppenolle 
     72* Massimilano Drudi 
     73* Matt Martin 
     74* Miguel Castrillo 
     75* Mike Bell 
     76* Mirek Andrejczuk 
     77* Mondher Chekki 
     78* Nicolas MARTIN 
     79* Olivier Aumont 
     80* Pier Giuseppe 
     81* Pierre Mathiot 
     82* Rachid Benshila 
     83* Romain Bourdalle-Badie 
     84* Richard Hill 
     85* Robert King 
     86* Sebastien Masson 
     87* Simona Flavoni 
     88* Silvia Mocavero 
     89* Stefania Ciliberti 
     90* Tim Graham 
     91* Tomas Lovato