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    2121List of Hotels:  
    23 == Preliminary agenda (coming soon) 
     23== Preliminary agenda 
     24[[Color(Maximum duration of presentation : 10 minutes, to allow at least 5 minutes discussion, /pink)]] 
     26=== '''Thursday 11 October afternoon'''[[BR]] 
     271:30 p.m.  Registration and welcome coffee 
     29=== 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. : Session 1 Interaction processes at the air / ocean interface, and presentations related to CMIP6  
     31* '''General description of the ocean in the CNRM-CM6 model.'''[[BR]] 
     32  '''Rym Msadek''', Matthieu Chevallier, Aurore Voldoire, Emilia Sanchez et al.  
     33* '''Impact of uncertainties from 7 atmospheric reanalysis surface conditions on Arctic Ocean freshwater budget'''[[BR]] 
     34  '''C Bricaud''' (Mercator Océan), O Hernandez (Mercator Océan), G Garric (Mercator Océan), J Chanut (Mercator Océan), G Ruggiero (Mercator Océan), CE Testut (Mercator Océan) 
     35* '''The different uses of sea surface restoring in EC-Earth at BSC'''[[BR]] 
     36  '''Yohan Ruprich-Robert''', Xavier Levigne, Valentina Sicardi 
     37* '''Mediterranean marine heat wave representation using NEMO in a fully coupled regional climate system'''[[BR]] 
     38  Darmaraki S., '''Somot S.''', Sevault F. 
     39* '''Upper ocean sensitivity to atmospheric forcing errors and air-sea turbulent fluxes algorithms at Papa Station'''[[BR]] 
     40  '''Guillaume Samson'''(1), Théo Brivoal(1), Romain Bourdalle-Badie(1) and Herve Giordani(2), (1)Mercator Ocean (2)CNRM-GAME 
     41* '''Forcing NEMO with the simplified atmospheric boundary layer model CheapAML - Application to a process study of the Equatorial Atlantic inter annual variability.'''[[BR]] 
     42  '''J. Jouanneau''', O. Hernandez, E. Sanchez Gomez, B. Deremble 
     43* '''Large-scale variability in the Southern Ocean in coupled shaconemo configurations'''[[BR]] 
     44  '''Till Kuhlbrodt''' and many others 
     464:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. Coffee break 
     48=== 4:30 p.m. - Session 2 / Tracers and biogeochemistry 
     50* '''The Canadian Earth System Model version 5 - NEMO and new ocean ecosystem models.'''[[BR]] 
     51  '''Neil Swart''', Jim Christian 
     52* '''Past and present radiocarbon distributions in the ocean with NEMO.'''[[BR]] 
     53  '''A. Mouchet''', Ch. Ethé, J.-C. Dutay, and J. Orr 
     54END of the day 
     56=== '''Friday 12 October morning''' 
     59==='''Friday 12 October afternoon''' 
    2566== List of participants