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    11= Install the modelling framework (NEMO and XIOS) 
     2'''1-1 Extract the NEMO code'''[[BR]] 
     4Using your "my_login" /pw registered on this web site:[[BR]][[BR]] 
     7svn --username "mylogin" co 
     10'''1-2 Extract and install XIOS2'''[[BR]][[BR]] 
     11[] (and come back to this page afterwards to create NEMO executable!)[[BR]][[BR]] 
     14'''1-3 Compile and create NEMO executable'''[[BR]][[BR]][[BR]] 
     15The main script to compile and create executable is called makenemo and located in the CONFIG directory.To identify the source code you need, build the makefile and run it.[[BR]][[BR]] 
     16As an example, compile GYRE, with ifort on linux to create a MY_GYRE configuration:[[BR]][[BR]] 
     20cd NEMOGCM/CONFIG; ./makenemo –m ifort_linux –r GYRE -n MY_GYRE 
     24'''More options:'''[[BR]][[BR]] 
     26* –n CONFIG : for configuration name, existant or new config to install[[BR]] 
     28* –m COMPILER : compiler choice (use files names in NEMOGCM/ARCH, see examples below)[[BR]] 
     30*  –h help[[BR]] 
     32 * –r REFCONFIG : reference configuration as first guess when installing a new one[[BR]] 
     34 * –j 4 : number of processes to compile (j=0 :no compilation)[[BR]] 
     36* –d “ “ : NEMO subdirectory (not needed)[[BR]] 
     38* –t DIR : temporary directory to store libraries[[BR]] 
     40* -clean [CONFIG_NAME] : remove the Makefile and all the files created afterwards[[BR]] 
     43At the first use, you need the -m optionto specifiy compiler, its options and libraries, then for next compilation, it is assumed you will be using the same compiler 
     44If –n option s not specified, ORCA2_LIM is the default configuration used. 
     45-d option has been implemented for use in non-interactive shell 
     46The WORK directory is created under each configuration directory.[[BR]][[BR]] 
     48'''Tools used during the process:'''[[BR]][[BR]] 
     49* : bash functions used by makenemo, for instance to create the WORK directory[[BR]] 
     50* cfg.txt : text list of configurations and source directories[[BR]] 
     51* bld.cfg : FCM rules to compile[[BR]] 
     52'''Description of directories :'''[[BR]][[BR]] 
     53* ARCH : compilation option files, with format arch_compiler.fcm, the compiler name has to be provided with –m option[[BR]] 
     54* GYRE, ORCA2_LIM or others : there is now a cpp.fcm file containing the list of cpp key, the WORK is specific to each configuration[[BR]]