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Available configuration in NEMOTAM

This page contains information on current available configuration for NEMOTAM.

To have an overview on available routines, please see the TAM development progress table. We use the following method: The physical choices are set through cpp keys and namelist parameters. We use below a similar table used for NEMO.

Ocean Components

Used for Functionnalities cpp keys Associated namelist & logical
Horizontal Diffusion/Viscosity?
Lateral diffusion along isopycnal slopes key_ldfslp
Horizontal Tracer diffusion nam_traldf
Tracer lateral diffusion eddy induced velocity parameterization key_traldf_eiv
Tracer Laplacian operator ln_traldf_lap
Iso-neutral application direction for the operator ln_traldf_iso
Tracer lateral diffusion 1d=f°(depth) , 2d=f°(lat,lon) or 3d=f°(lat,lon,depth) key_traldf_c2d
Horizontal Dynamic viscosity nam_dynldf
Dynamic Laplacian operator lateral viscosity ln_dynldf_lap
Dynamic biLaplacian operator lateral viscosity ln_dynldf_bilap
Geopotential application direction for the operator ln_dynldf_hor
Dynamic lateral viscosity 1d=f°(depth) , 2d=f°(lat,lon) or 3d=f°(lat,lon,depth) key_dynldf_c3d
Vertical viscosity/Diffusivity
Vertical diffusion based on the TKE closure scheme * white , orange namtke
Vertical double diffusion mixing for salinity key_zdfddm namddm
Vertical convective processes
Enhanced vertical diffusion parametrization ln_zdfevd
Surface forcing fields namsbc, key_forced_daily, key_tau_daily
Initial state & damping
Internal Newtonian tracers (T & S) damping key_tradmpnamtdp
Use a 3D monthly salinity data (Levitus) key_dtasal
Use a monthly temperature data (Levitus) key_dtatem
??? key_dtasst
Sea surface temperature damping namsbc & namsbc_ssr & ln_ssr
Sea surface salinity damping namsbc & namsbc_ssr & ln_ssr
On-line diagnostics
Eddy Induced Velocity (Gent & Mc Williams parameterization) key_diaeiv
Themocline, 20°C & 28°C isotherm depths key_diahth
??? key_diaobs
High Performances Computing
Enable MPP computing with MPI key_mpp_mpi
??? key_mpi_isend
reproductibility key_mpi_rep
Vertical coordinates nam_zgr
Full steps - Z ln_zco
Partial steps - PS ln_zps
Pressure gradient treatment
Filtered free surface algorithm key_dynspg_flt
Sea surface salinity damping namsbc & namsbc_ssr & ln_ssr
Vorticity schemes nam_dynvor
enstrophy conserving ln_dynvor_ens
energy and enstrophy conserving ln_dynvor_een
Advection schemes nam_traadv
2nd order Centered ln_traadv_cen2
Idealized Double Gyre configuration with a flat bottom key_gyre
Global ORCA configuration at 2° resolution key_orca_r2
Others cpp keys
Geothermal boundary condition flux nambbc
Diffusive Bottom Boundary Layer key_trabbl_dif nambbl

Note: (*) for key_zdftke all options are not yet available. See Hand coding status for more details