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    3131== ''' Detail of the implementation''' == 
    33 ... 
     33A new copy of the model has to be compiled with a configuration based on ORCA2_SAS_LIM. 
     34However no namelist parameters need be changed from the settings of the previous run (except perhaps nn_date0) 
     35In this configuration, a few routines in the standard model are overriden by new versions. 
     37Routines replaced are: 
     41       This routine initialises the rest of the model and repeatedly calls the stp time stepping routine (step.F90) 
     42       Since the ocean state is not calculated all associated initialisations have been removed. 
     46       The main time stepping routine now only needs to call the sbc routine (and a few utility functions). 
     50       This has been cut down and now only calculates surface forcing and the ice model required.  New surface modules 
     51       that can function when only the surface level of the ocean state is defined can also be added (e.g. icebergs). 
     55       No ocean restarts are read or written (though the ice model restarts are retained), so calls to restart functions 
     56       have been removed.  This also means that the calendar cannot be controlled by time in a restart file, so the user 
     57       must make sure that nn_date0 in the model namelist is correct for his or her purposes. 
     61       Since there is no free surface solver, references to it have been removed from stp_ctl. 
     65       All 3D data have been removed from the output.  The surface temperature, salinity and velocity components (which 
     66       have been read in) are written along with relevant forcing and ice data. 
     68One new routine has been added: 
     72       This routine initialises the input files needed for reading temperature, salinity and velocity arrays at the surface. 
     73       These filenames are supplied in namelist namsbc_sas.  Unfortunately because of limitations with the iom module, 
     74       the full 3D fields from the mean files have to be read in and interpolated in time, before using just the top level. 
     75       Since fldread is used to read in the data, Interpolation on the Fly may be used to change input data resolution.