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    5454    We do, however need to keep this package branch under constant review in case of any changes to the component branches. We also must ensure that no development is done directly in the package branch. All developments must be done in separate component branches and merged into the package branch in order to allow them to have a chance of being included in the NEMO trunk code at a (not too distant) future date.  
     59== Udate July 2016: == 
     62Following discussion with Dan Copsey, Dave Storkey and Malcolm Roberts about NEMO branch management it was decided that the package branch instigated by this ticket will henceforth be the sole NEMO GC3 coupling-specific related branch and that any further changes may be applied directly to this branch rather than needing to maintain separate component branches. 
     64Consequently we have deleted the original component branches (both the r5107 and r5518 versions) since GC3 is now officially configured to use the amalgamated package branch. (The old component branches will obviously still be accessible in svn, via specific revision number should the need arise, however there is no expectation of a need for this.) 
     66So in summary, the package branch contains code to: 
     681) Change the name of the NEMO component as seen by OASIS to "toyoce" for historical consistency with Met Offic opractices and embedded suite control functionality. The intention is that this will ultimately revert to the NEMO base code name once MO suites and control systems have been adapted suitably.