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    342342For now use a WC of Mireks branch for debugging.  
     345So after 2 days more glacial progress we arrive at zqsn and zqin diverging after the call to temperature_changes in thermo_vertical.  
     346Attempts to put in more write statements just before the call to temperature_changes results in a clash with CICE/branches/dev/hadax/r1205_SIMIP_GSI8.  
     347So now we're in exactly the same situation I had when trying to debug NEMO before the package branch was created, where I an unable to effectively debug things 
     348due to the extensive list of CICE branches. We have to have a package branch. This cannot be put off any longer. 
     350SO now I'm forced to create my own package branch - that in itself is a huge pain because  r1205_SIMIP_GSI8  is a branch of a branch so I cannot merge that directly into my debug branch, I have to first get hold of its ancestor   CICE/branches/dev/hadax/vn5.1.2_GSI8  !  
     352Do this (but don't) commit anything! 
     354Well that was short lived.... I can't merge the two stages of r1205_SIMIP_GSI8 without committing something because the 2nd stage (BOB) of that branch does not share a common ancestor! 
     356SO basically I've got to create a brand new branch. 
     357Then merge in these two stages and commit, then merge all the debugging stuff from my branch somehow! That will take ages to unpick.