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    570570Further protracted tracking of origins of differences leads eventually to ffetop (from zirondep). This is zero on a TS following a restart but not in the NRUN. It turns out that this has been fixed with an update to the MEDUSA branch during the time (4 weeks now) I've been chasing these bugs! Upgrading my job to use a wc based on the very latest revision  7766, confirms that the total iron concentration field no longer diverges at TS33. However other things do still diverge! Again I only see things drifting at TS 34 which again is suggestive of things being updated in the wrong sequence following a restart. However MS is also investigating and has suspicions about a particular timestep of a field being used when it shouldn't be (i.e. it's using an _n value when it should be using a _b value). I'll hold off and wait to see what comes of that.    
     576Footnotes on code generally: 
     578   1) MEDUSA's use of modules needs tidying and in particular it needs to clarify what comes from where using ONLY statements.  
     579   2) par_trca and oce_trc are included in trc, but  trc_sms_medusa does a USE of these THREE things separately. This needs rationalising.  
     580   3) trcbio_medusa as noted repeatedly elsewhere is unsustainably large and needs splitting up to facilitate clarity, maintenance, debugging and future development.  
     581   4) trcbio_medusa and possibly other routines abound with the use of magic numbers in array indices to identify certain fields.