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Appendix A - Dods directory

to put a directory on dods

  • On idris is necessary to add on gaya a .rhosts file, to be able to do rsh:

on gaya you have to add in your home directory a .rhosts file ( with permissions 600 ) like:
  • If you have files on gaya but there was some problems and put dods did not work, you can put directories in this way:

for example by gaya:

 cd $homegaya/IGCM_OUT/${Tag_Name}/${Job_Name}
 dods_cp MONITORING DODS/pub/login/${Tag_Name}/${Job_Name}

to remove a directory from dods

On Mercure to CCRT DODS directory is :


cd ${SAVE_DIR}/dods
dods_rm public/${LOGIN}/${TAG_NAME}/directory

Appendix B - Ulam


To submit a job : llsubmit
To cancel a job : llcancel
To follow a job : llq

Appendix C - How to see and change compiler ( IDRIS and CCRT )


If you work with NEC ( brodie at idris ) you have to compile with sxf90/390.
If not you will have bad results

To see list of currently loaded modulefiles (ex. compilers): module list
To see list of available modules (ex. compilers) : module avail
To change compiler : module switch default new

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