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Name changed from private/libIGCM/resol_ORCA2 to libIGCM/resol_ORCA2

file .resol for ORCA2_LIM

Create a .resol file in ORCA2_LIM directory

For every resolution we have to create in modipsl/config/ORCA2_LIM/

.resol file with resolution name.

NOTE : For ORCA2_LIM it is not important to have .resol file because in modipsl/libIGCM/AA_create_se default is :

#D- TEMPORARY Flag to determine ocean resolution
#D- Default : value from ocean driver if any RESOL_OCE=${RESOL_OCE:=ORCA2}

But for every other configuration that is not with ORCA2 resolution we have to create

in modipsl/config/"CONFIG_NAME"

a .resol file in which we have to write resolution.