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TO DO LIST on alpha v4.0

Various issues to be solved before the beta version :[[BR]]

  • ISOMIP & OVERFLOW =⇒>> do 1 experience for 1 tests (ln_zps, dynhpg, .. etc) !!NON!! because of script sette to test automatically all options of advection/diffusion schemes: loop on namelist_xxx
  • OVERFLOW =⇒>> code python and code in NEMO output density ( ? ) to avoid matlab code of Mehmet, that assumes equation of state different from nemo (with other coefficients)
  • End sette script to tests and compare results (which results? max temperature? salinity? For ubs muscle : max ⇐ max_start)
  • Test energy conserving with dynspg_explicit in CANAL (or VORTEX?)
  • Closea =⇒>> after D.Storkey modification of dev_merge_2017: NEED to re-create file:

do: put nn_closea = 1 + run script in TOOLS/DOMAINcfg of Dave to generate closea_mask field, that it is added to the new file.

and then =⇒>> do TEST ORCA2 in forced mode with /without closea.

N.B. leave ln_closea = .false. in tha namelist_cfg

  • Closea for eORCA1? =⇒>> just verify with Christian/Julie? if for eORCA1 the domain_cfg file has closed seas, and see with them how to re-create new input files, to be able to run eORCA1 with the 4.0 alpha release
  • Do a long run of ORCA2 =⇒>> gurvan tested (jannuary 9th) and after 180 timesteps code blows up (maybe ice? change nn-fsbc to 1?)
  • Create a climatology of ice to use "iceif" (sort of ocean offline) =⇒>> if climatology (clem/martin) is created so keep the ice-if option, if not remove this option from the code?

page libigcm:

dev_merge_2017 + libigcm:


Change mod.def: the model "NEMO_v7_dev":

cd modipsl/util more mod.def

edit mod.def file at NEMO_vè_dev configuration:

#-H- NEMO_v7_dev NEMOGCM forced, test for developments of trunk #-H- NEMO_v7_dev libIGCM tag libIGCM_v2.8.2 #-M- NEMO_v7_dev simona.flavoni@… #-C- NEMO_v7_dev tags/libIGCM_v2.8.2 HEAD 10 libIGCM . #-C- NEMO_v7_dev branches/2017/dev_merge_2017/NEMOGCM HEAD 7 . modeles #-C- NEMO_v7_dev CONFIG/UNIFORM/v6/NEMO_v7_dev HEAD 8 NEMO_v7_dev config

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