Available Reports

Custom Query

Compose a new ticket query by selecting filters and columns to display.

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{1} Active Tickets

  • List all active tickets by priority.
  • Color each row based on priority.

{2} Active Tickets (short)

  • List all active tickets by priority.
  • Do not show component, version and status. The rest is the same as report {1}

{3} All Tickets by Milestone

This report shows how to color results by priority, while grouping results by milestone.

Last modification time, description and reporter are included as hidden fields for useful RSS export.

{4} Assigned, Active Tickets by Owner

List assigned tickets, group by ticket owner, sorted by priority.

{5} Assigned, Active Tickets by Owner (Full Description)

List tickets assigned, group by ticket owner. This report demonstrates the use of full-row display.

{6} All Tickets By Milestone (Including closed)

A more complex example to show how to make advanced reports.

{7} My Tickets

This report demonstrates the use of the automatically set $USER dynamic variable, replaced with the username of the logged in user when executed.

{8} Active Tickets, Mine first

  • List all active tickets by priority.
  • Show all tickets owned by the logged in user in a group first.

{9} Project management

See here tickets with component set to Project management

{10} Missing depth of soil moisture layers

solay which provides the 3rd dimension for soil moisture should also provide the depth of these layers. For the moment the variable solay only provides a numbering of the layers.

This is done correctly for the 3rd dimension of temperature. It is obvious in the following two lines of code :

CALL xios_set_axis_attr("ngrnd",n_glo=ngrnd ,VALUE=soilth_lev(:)) (axis solth en m) CALL xios_set_axis_attr("nslm", n_glo=nslm,VALUE=(/(REAL(i,r_std),i=1,nslm)/)) (axis solay en index)

So to exploit correctly soil moisture in the output files we need the depth of the layers.

Note: See TracReports for help on using and creating reports.