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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#61 trouble with xxx reopened somebody enhancement blocker provide usefull and beautifull documentations
#63 Segmentation fault on zeus (CONGRID problem) new somebody defect critical
#69 svn checkout failure new somebody defect critical SAXO on trac
#70 online_help with idl 7.0 new somebody defect critical provide usefull and beautifull documentations
#71 add Michel Kolasinski to developper's group assigned pinsard task major SAXO on trac
#72 pb in daysinmonth new somebody defect major
#73 more helpfull make_selection output new somebody enhancement major
#74 about SMALL new somebody enhancement major
#76 pb ncdf_quickwrite new somebody defect major
#77 new release and repository of idldoc new somebody enhancement major
#78 upgrade to trac 1.0.1 new somebody enhancement major
#17 bad look of idldoc html output on trac new pinsard task minor SAXO on trac
#38 wrong link in message associated to [changeset:114 changeset 114] new somebody defect minor SAXO on trac
#62 bad links in some directory-overview.html assigned pinsard defect minor provide usefull and beautifull documentations
#64 In DocBook V5.0, ImageObjectCO will be discarded. In its place, use MediaObjectCO. new somebody enhancement minor provide usefull and beautifull documentations
#75 common initialization ? new somebody enhancement minor
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