LMDZOR6 RRTM with CMIP6.0.4 beta release volcanic forcing defined with 3 params (AOD, cg, piz on both SW and LW)

Model installation

  1. Start to import modIPSL: svn co modipsl
  2. Install the model: cd modipsl/util ; ./model IPSLCM6.0.4-LR
  3. Compile: cd modipsl/config/LMDZOR ; gmake IPSLCM6-LR

Get strato mask ouput

  1. Check that output variable stratomask is defined in LMDZ (file modipsl/modeles/LMDZ/DefLists/field_def_lmdz.xml):
            <field id="stratomask"    long_name="Stratospheric fraction"    unit="-" />

  1. Add the variable output in PARAM/file_def_histmth_lmdz.xml, PARAM/file_def_histday_lmdz.xml... (i.e for each ouput frequency):
    <!-- VARS 3D -->
    <field_group operation="average" freq_op="1ts" axis_ref="presnivs">
    <field field_ref="stratomask" level="2" />


All outputs were made with IPSLCM6.0.4, physic=NPv5.65. All simulations are with actual type of atmosphere and no restart is imposed. Anomalies are performed by removing control run values (ie IPSLCM6.0.4.NOVOLC) in 1991-1993 period.

Name of simulations and Nomenclature:

  • CMIP6b0: corresponds to CMIP6 beta0 release forcing dataset zonally averaged for the 3 parameters.
  • SATO: corresponds to SATO zonal AOD. The other 2 parameters are fixed.
  • IPSLCM6.0.4.CMIP6b0 and IPSLCM6.0.4.CMIP6b0.0: Identical simulations configurations except that IPSLCM6.0.4.CMIP6b0 doesn't use restart and IPSLCM6.0.4.CMIP6b0.0 restarts from 1909-31-12 of CM6.0.4-pdctrl.1 simulation. See details in table below.

  • IPSLCM6.0.4.SATO and IPSLCM6.0.4.SATO.0: Identical simulations configurations except that IPSLCM6.0.4.SATO doesn't use restart and IPSLCM6.0.4.SATO.0 restarts from 1909-31-12 of CM6.0.4-pdctrl.1 simulation. See details in table below.
Name #CPU flag_aerPerLen?PackFq?Physic RestartRRTMOut Volc forcingResults Comment
IPSLCM6.0.4.CMIP6b0 577 2 1M 3YNPv5.65 - Yes DEVTCMIP6 3parOk 3Y -
IPSLCM6.0.4.NOVOLC 577 0 1Y 3YNPv5.65 - Yes DEVT- Ok 3Y -
TESTCM6.0.4.SATO 577 1 1M 3YNPv5.65 - Yes DEVTSATO Ok 3Y -
IPSLCM6.0.4.CMIP6b0.1577 2 1M 3YNPv5.65CM6.0.4-pdctrl.1Yes DEVTCMIP6 3parrun... add stratomask output
IPSLCM6.0.4.CMIP6b0.0577 2 1M 3YNPv5.65CM6.0.4-pdctrl.1Yes DEVTCMIP6 3parOk 3Y -
IPSLCM6.0.4.NOVOLC.0577 0 1Y 3YNPv5.65CM6.0.4-pdctrl.1Yes DEVT- Ok 3Y -
TESTCM6.0.4.SATO.0577 1 1M 3YNPv5.65CM6.0.4-pdctrl.1Yes DEVTSATO Ok 3Y -

IPSLCM6.0.4.CMIP6b0.0 (CMIP6 beta release0, 3 param)



Pair Anomaly

IPSLCM6.0.4.SATO.0 (SATO zonal AOD, 2 other params are fixed)



Pair Anomaly

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