The REPROBUS model

REPROBUS is a stratospheric model developed at LATMOS. Please contact Marion Marchand, Lola Falletti or Slimane Bekki for further information and if you want to have access to the LMDZ-Reprobus wiki page. The configuration with LMDZ-Reprobus is LMDZREPR. Be careful, this configuration is still under development.

1. Setup

The access to the Reprobus model is restricted with svn+ssh. First, you must contact L. Falletti (at LATMOS) to be able to access the model. Then open mod.def and replace XXXLOGIN by your personal login in the line corresponding to the Reprobus project information:

#-S- 16 svn svn+ssh://

2. Compiling

Reprobus model is compiled with LMDZ. The makelmdz_fcm script in LMDZ must includes the variable -ext_src path_to_REPROBUS to specify the directory of Reprobus fortran sources that must be compiled and included in the final executable.

3. Diagnostics

The Reprobus diagnostics are performed in LMDZ.

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