2020-02-12T15:39:06+01:00 (13 months ago)

The big one. Merging all 2019 developments from the option 1 branch back onto the trunk.

This changeset reproduces 2019/dev_r11943_MERGE_2019 on the trunk using a 2-URL merge
onto a working copy of the trunk. I.e.:

svn merge —ignore-ancestry \

svn+ssh://acc@forge.ipsl.jussieu.fr/ipsl/forge/projets/nemo/svn/NEMO/trunk \
svn+ssh://acc@forge.ipsl.jussieu.fr/ipsl/forge/projets/nemo/svn/NEMO/branches/2019/dev_r11943_MERGE_2019 ./

The —ignore-ancestry flag avoids problems that may otherwise arise from the fact that
the merge history been trunk and branch may have been applied in a different order but
care has been taken before this step to ensure that all applicable fixes and updates
are present in the merge branch.

The trunk state just before this step has been branched to releases/release-4.0-HEAD
and that branch has been immediately tagged as releases/release-4.0.2. Any fixes
or additions in response to tickets on 4.0, 4.0.1 or 4.0.2 should be done on
releases/release-4.0-HEAD. From now on future 'point' releases (e.g. 4.0.2) will
remain unchanged with periodic releases as needs demand. Note release-4.0-HEAD is a
transitional naming convention. Future full releases, say 4.2, will have a release-4.2
branch which fulfills this role and the first point release (e.g. 4.2.0) will be made
immediately following the release branch creation.

2020 developments can be started from any trunk revision later than this one.

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  • NEMO/trunk

    • Property svn:externals

        old new  
        33^/utils/build/mk@HEAD         mk 
        44^/utils/tools@HEAD            tools 
        5 ^/vendors/AGRIF/dev@HEAD      ext/AGRIF 
         5^/vendors/AGRIF/dev_r11615_ENHANCE-04_namelists_as_internalfiles_agrif@HEAD      ext/AGRIF 
        66^/vendors/FCM@HEAD            ext/FCM 
        77^/vendors/IOIPSL@HEAD         ext/IOIPSL 
  • NEMO/trunk/src/OCE/step_oce.F90

    r10068 r12377  
    1919   USE sbccpl          ! surface boundary condition: coupled formulation (call send at end of step) 
    2020   USE sbcapr          ! surface boundary condition: atmospheric pressure 
    21    USE sbctide         ! Tide initialisation 
     21   USE tide_mod, ONLY : ln_tide, tide_update 
    2222   USE sbcwave         ! Wave intialisation 
     24   USE isf_oce         ! ice shelf boundary condition 
     25   USE isfstp          ! ice shelf boundary condition     (isf_stp routine) 
    2427   USE traqsr          ! solar radiation penetration      (tra_qsr routine) 
     28   USE traisf          ! ice shelf                        (tra_isf routine) 
    2529   USE trasbc          ! surface boundary condition       (tra_sbc routine) 
    2630   USE trabbc          ! bottom boundary condition        (tra_bbc routine) 
    3034   USE traldf          ! lateral mixing                   (tra_ldf routine) 
    3135   USE trazdf          ! vertical mixing                  (tra_zdf routine) 
    32    USE tranxt          ! time-stepping                    (tra_nxt routine) 
     36   USE traatf          ! time filtering                   (tra_atf routine) 
    3337   USE tranpc          ! non-penetrative convection       (tra_npc routine) 
    4347   USE dynspg          ! surface pressure gradient        (dyn_spg routine) 
    45    USE dynnxt          ! time-stepping                    (dyn_nxt routine) 
     49   USE dynatf          ! time-filtering                   (dyn_atf routine) 
    4751   USE stopar          ! Stochastic parametrization       (sto_par routine) 
    6670   USE zdfosm  , ONLY : osm_rst, dyn_osm, tra_osm      ! OSMOSIS routines used in step.F90 
    68    USE step_diu        ! Time stepping for diurnal sst 
    69    USE diurnal_bulk    ! diurnal SST bulk routines  (diurnal_sst_takaya routine)  
    70    USE cool_skin       ! diurnal cool skin correction (diurnal_sst_coolskin routine)    
     72   USE diu_layers      ! diurnal SST bulk and coolskin routines 
    7173   USE sbc_oce         ! surface fluxes   
    7981   USE diahth          ! thermocline depth                (dia_hth routine) 
    8082   USE diahsb          ! heat, salt and volume budgets    (dia_hsb routine) 
    81    USE diaharm 
    8283   USE diacfl 
    8384   USE diaobs          ! Observation operator 
     85   USE diadetide       ! Weights computation for daily detiding of model diagnostics 
     86   USE diamlr          ! IOM context management for multiple-linear-regression analysis 
    8487   USE flo_oce         ! floats variables 
    8588   USE floats          ! floats computation               (flo_stp routine) 
    108111#if defined key_top 
    109    USE trcstp           ! passive tracer time-stepping      (trc_stp routine) 
     112   USE trcstp, ONLY : trc_stp    ! passive tracer time-stepping      (trc_stp routine) 
    111114   !!---------------------------------------------------------------------- 
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