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(edit) @10522   22 months smasson trunk: replace iom_gettime by iom_getszuld, see #2212
(edit) @10511   22 months clem solve crash issue when using lupkes2015 for the drags (see ticket #2136)
(edit) @10499   22 months deazer Fix ticket #2154
(edit) @10425   23 months smasson trunk: merge back dev_r10164_HPC09_ESIWACE_PREP_MERGE@10424 into the trunk
(edit) @10404   23 months smasson trunk: compatibility with oasis3-mct v4
(edit) @10370   23 months smasson trunk: get 03 optimisation working with AGRIF in angle
(edit) @10201   2 years nicolasmartin Various modifications related to the setting of a NEMO Quick Start Guide * …
(edit) @10190   2 years lovato Implement correction to sbcblk_algo_ncar for wave coupling (see #2014)
(edit) @10112   2 years francesca fix ticket #2116
(edit) @10069   2 years nicolasmartin Fix mistakes of previous commit on SVN keywords property
(edit) @10068   2 years nicolasmartin First part of modifications to have a common default header : fix typos …
(edit) @9966   2 years lovato trunk : correct peak wave number computation using wave model frequency …
(edit) @9940   2 years acc Changes to restore restartability and reproducibility with …
(edit) @9938   2 years clem make the option with Jules coupling active (nice_Jules=2) much more …
(edit) @9935   2 years clem changes to facilitate the future merge with Gurvan's crazy dev branch
(edit) @9929   2 years clem remove unused variables
(edit) @9927   2 years mathiot add missing IMPLICIT NONE and variable declaration in dummy routine to be …
(edit) @9921   2 years clem qcn_ice and qml_ice should not be multiplied by a_i in coupled mode
(edit) @9910   2 years clem cosmetics mostly
(edit) @9872   2 years clem removing the very last bits (I hope) of LIM references in the code
(edit) @9865   2 years mathiot zpress undefined in sbcisf/sbc_isf_bg03
(edit) @9821   2 years lovato trunk : apply tmask after fldread update of wave external forcing
(edit) @9807   2 years lovato trunk: apply bugfix to BDY indexing and fldread file advancement - #2103
(edit) @9767   2 years clem remove cp_ice_msh option in NEMO because the ice model is in C-grid and …
(edit) @9752   2 years clem cosmetics
(edit) @9728   2 years mathiot Fix for #2066 (bug if eos10 and interactive melt activated) in trunk
(edit) @9727   2 years mathiot Fix for #2083 (surface flux not masked: bug if isf cavity) in trunk
(edit) @9690   2 years nicolasmartin Set mime-type for h90 files to have syntax highlighting under Trac browser
(edit) @9656   2 years clem remove the remaining references to LIM
(edit) @9654   2 years clem remove lk_lim3 from the code and replace by lk_si3
(edit) @9598   2 years nicolasmartin Reorganisation plan for NEMO repository: changes to make compilation …
(copy) @9596   2 years nicolasmartin Reorganisation plan for NEMO repository: preliminary implementation of the …
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(copy) @9594   2 years nicolasmartin Reorganisation plan for NEMO repository: partial implementation of the new …
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