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Problem in the trend routine for UBS+VVL option

Reported by: blaizotac Owned by: francesca
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Component: TRD Version: 4.0-HEAD
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For the release 3.6 (and 4.0)

In the file traadv_ubs.F90:
In the routine tra_adv_ubs for vertical advective trends, there are 5 arguments

CALL trd_tra( kt, cdtype, jn, jptra_zad, zltv)

But in the file trdtra.F90, the routine trd_tra uses 7 arguments

SUBROUTINE trd_tra( kt, ctype, ktra, ktrd, ptrd, pun, ptra )

The last 2 are written like optional

      REAL(wp), DIMENSION(jpi,jpj,jpk), INTENT(in), OPTIONAL ::   pun     ! now velocity 
      REAL(wp), DIMENSION(jpi,jpj,jpk), INTENT(in), OPTIONAL ::   ptra    ! now tracer variable

But they do not appear like that in the rest of the code …

CASE( jptra_zad )   ;   CALL trd_tra_adv( ptrd, pun, ptra, 'Z', trdt  )
   SUBROUTINE trd_tra_adv( pf, pun, ptn, cdir, ptrd )
      REAL(wp), DIMENSION(jpi,jpj,jpk), INTENT(in   ) ::   pun     ! now velocity   in one direction
      REAL(wp), DIMENSION(jpi,jpj,jpk), INTENT(in   ) ::   ptn     ! now or before tracer


Is the following change correct?
Change routine tra_adv_ubs and add the 2 missing arguments ?

CALL trd_tra( kt, cdtype, jn, jptra_zad, zltv, pwn, ptn(:,:,:,jn))

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