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DOMAINcfg write even if nstop /= 0

Reported by: mathiot Owned by: mathiot
Priority: low Milestone:
Component: DOM Version: trunk
Severity: minor Keywords: TOOLS, DOMAINcfg,



The DOMAINcfg tool writes the output file even if nstop /= 0. In the case you forgot the coordinates, will have 0 for the coordinates part (glam, gphi, e1 and e2) and correct value for e3, and top/bottom lvl. If not spot (because you forgot to read ocean.output, you only check the bottom_level variable …), this can lead to NaN in NEMO and failure in XIOS at the end of the first month in some case.

It affects the trunk and probably v4.



Do not write any file if nstop /= 0 before the call to cfg_write.

I suggest to add in dom_ctl this bit of code:

      ! check that all process are still there... If some process have an error,
      ! they will never enter in cfg_write
      IF( lk_mpp )   CALL mpp_max( 'nemogcm',nstop )
      IF (nstop /= 0) THEN
         WRITE(numout,*) ''
         WRITE(numout,*) '========================================================'
         WRITE(numout,*) 'E R R O R : ',nstop, ' error have been found'
         WRITE(numout,*) '========================================================'
         WRITE(numout,*) ''
         IF ( lk_mpp ) THEN
            CALL mppstop()
            STOP 123
         END IF
      END IF

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