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Use of tags to identify a specific NEMO release

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I'm not sure if this is the correct place to raise issues like this so please point me in the correct direction if not.

I'm concerned about the way in which it seems tags are being used to identify releases of the NEMO code and the effect this has on the ability of groups to collaborate on NEMO work.

There are several groups in the UK collaborating on NEMO work. We have all got what we thought was NEMO v2.3 from the repository (the revision tagged nemo_v2_3). However, we've discovered that we all have different versions of the code because it appears that periodically the tags (e.g. nemo_v2_3 and ioipsl/tags/v2_1_1) are being deleted and replaced with something newer.

This goes against the function of a tag. Once there has been an official release of code then that tag should never be changed, thereby guaranteeing that everyone gets the same revision of the code no matter when they download it.

I look forward to hearing your comments on this.


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Concerning NEMO, i.e. only the ocean/OPA, sea-ice/LIM, biogeochemistry/TOP components, we share the same idea of tag, i.e. to fix a tag and to not make it evolving later.
Exceptionnaly 4 months ago for the last NEMO tag (nemo_v2_3), few modifications have been made in the TOP_SRC directory and ONLY this directory, see here for details:
Changes in tags/nemo_v2_3/NEMO [731:739]
tags/nemo_v2_3/NEMO/TOP_SRC/trcdit.F90 (2 diffs)
tags/nemo_v2_3/NEMO/TOP_SRC/par_trc.F90 (1 diff)
tags/nemo_v2_3/NEMO/TOP_SRC/trcdtr.F90 (1 diff)
tags/nemo_v2_3/NEMO/TOP_SRC/SMS/p4zsink.std.h (1 diff)
tags/nemo_v2_3/NEMO/TOP_SRC/SMS/p4zmeso.F (1 diff)
tags/nemo_v2_3/NEMO/TOP_SRC/SMS/trclsm.pisces.h90 (1 diff)
tags/nemo_v2_3/NEMO/TOP_SRC/SMS/sms_pisces.h90 (1 diff)
tags/nemo_v2_3/NEMO/TOP_SRC/SMS/trcini.pisces.h90 (1 diff)
tags/nemo_v2_3/NEMO/TOP_SRC/SMS/p4zsed.F (1 diff)
tags/nemo_v2_3/NEMO/TOP_SRC/SMS/p4zrem.F (1 diff)
tags/nemo_v2_3/NEMO/TOP_SRC/SMS/trcbio.F (1 diff)
tags/nemo_v2_3/NEMO/TOP_SRC/SMS/trcsed.F (1 diff)
tags/nemo_v2_3/NEMO/TOP_SRC/TRP/trcldf_iso_zps.F90 (1 diff)
tags/nemo_v2_3/NEMO/TOP_SRC/TRP/trcldf_bilap.F90 (1 diff)
tags/nemo_v2_3/NEMO/TOP_SRC/TRP/trcadv_muscl.F90 (1 diff)
tags/nemo_v2_3/NEMO/TOP_SRC/TRP/trcldf_iso.F90 (1 diff)
tags/nemo_v2_3/NEMO/TOP_SRC/TRP/trcdmp.F90 (1 diff)
tags/nemo_v2_3/NEMO/TOP_SRC/TRP/trczdf_iso.F90 (2 diffs)
tags/nemo_v2_3/NEMO/TOP_SRC/TRP/trczdf_iso_vopt.F90 (2 diffs)
tags/nemo_v2_3/NEMO/TOP_SRC/TRP/trcsbc.F90 (1 diff)
tags/nemo_v2_3/NEMO/TOP_SRC/trcrst.F90 (2 diffs)

If you have differences in other directories such as OPA_SRC, LIM_SRC, C1D_SRC ..etc; you might clearly compare 2 different tags and not 2 nemo_v2_3 tags.
To check what is the tag version you donwloaded, go under the ./modipsl/modeles/NEMO directory and type:

svn info

you should get the following lines (if downloaded within the last 4 months):

Path: .
Repository Root:
Repository UUID: 4aad9cc9-4d31-0410-b1e8-ee312aa4b1ec
Revision: 868
Node Kind: directory
Schedule: normal
Last Changed Author: cetlod
Last Changed Rev: 739
Last Changed Date: 2007-11-19 16:30:05 +0100 (Mon, 19 Nov 2007)


Claude Talandier for the NEMO team.

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