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21:03 ticket/0974 edited by rblod
21:03 ticket/0974 edited by rblod
20:59 Changeset [3410] by rblod

Import XIOS in dev_r3406_LOCEAN4_XIOS

19:08 Changeset [3409] by rblod

tagging XIOS r_348

19:08 Changeset [3408] by rblod

importing initial XIOS vendor drop

17:18 ticket/0974 created by rblod
17:17 Changeset [3407] by rblod

Create a branch for the new IOSERVER

17:00 Ticket #974 (New IOSERVER) created by rblod
New branch for a enhanced version of the IOSERVER


18:32 Changeset [3406] by rblod

First fix for tke bug, see ticket #954


12:14 Changeset [3405] by cetlod

CMIP5 branch : Add new configs IPSLCM5CHT_v5 IPSLCM5CHS_v5


13:52 Ticket #973 (Bug in PISCES : a pointer array in not deallocated) closed by cetlod
13:52 Changeset [3404] by cetlod

Deallocate znum3d in Kriest sinking parameterisation, see ticket #973

13:50 Ticket #973 (Bug in PISCES : a pointer array in not deallocated) created by cetlod


15:52 ticket/0665_mass_heat_salt_fluxes edited by acc


12:32 Changeset [3403] by acc

Branch: dev_r3385_NOCS04_HAMF; #665. Stage 2a of 2012 development: further suppression of emps array in TOP routines (to be checked) and inclusion of new namelist parameter in reference configuration namelists


18:43 Changeset [3402] by acc

Branch: dev_r3385_NOCS04_HAMF; #665. Stage 2 of 2012 development: suppression of emps array and introduction of sfx (salt flux) array with associated code to setup the options for embedding the seaice into the ocean


13:05 Changeset [3401] by acc

Branch: dev_r3385_NOCS04_HAMF; #665. Stage 1a of 2012 development: correcting possible bug in sbccpl.F90 and reverting to use of instantaneous sst value in preference to the mean value (sst_m) in case coupling frequency differs from the nn_fsbc frequency.


17:05 Changeset [3400] by vichi

Delete some files that should not be in the next release

14:09 Changeset [3399] by vichi

Merge branch 'BFM_3.4'(r5b59a317) into dev_r3379_CMCC6_topbfm


09:37 Changeset [3398] by vichi

NEMOBFM update to last revision ( r5b59a317) in CMCC


16:30 Changeset [3397] by cetlod

Create a specific branch for the suppression of LOBSTER component

16:22 Ticket #972 (New branch for the merge of PISCES & LOBSTER) created by cetlod
Include PISCES & LOBSTER within the same framework The tasks planned are …
16:11 2012WP/2012Action_institutions_LOCEAN edited by cetlod


18:33 Changeset [3396] by acc

Branch: dev_r3385_NOCS04_HAMF; #665. Stage 1 of 2012 development: porting of changes on old development branch (2011/DEV_r1837_mass_heat_salt_fluxes) into new branch. Corrected a few errors on the way. This branch now compiles but is incomplete. Still missing LIM3 changes which must reside on a certain persons laptop somewhere


10:41 Changeset [3395] by cetlod

CMIP5_IPSL branch:Correct ei factors for mass flux in diawri.F90


15:02 Ticket #971 (INGV4 - Implementation of stokes drift in momentum eq.) created by adani
Add the stokes drift terms to the Navier Stokes equation
14:58 Changeset [3394] by poddo
14:55 Changeset [3393] by poddo
14:44 Ticket #970 (INGV2 - new turbolent parametrization of the Neutral drag coeff.) created by adani
Modify HR algorithm to compute surface drag coefficient
11:07 2012WP/2012Action_institutions_INGV edited by poddo
11:05 Changeset [3392] by poddo

new branch for online masking of the surface forcing

11:01 Ticket #969 (new branch for atm forcing mask) created by poddo
new branch for the atm forcing land - sea mask
10:37 2012WP/2012Action_institutions_INGV edited by poddo
10:36 2012WP/2012Action_institutions_INGV edited by poddo
10:32 Changeset [3391] by poddo

new branch for BDY modification considering mass controll in case of filtered free surface

10:14 Ticket #968 (INGV- lobc for filtered) created by poddo
This dev branch contains the modification to BDY in order to have mass …


17:24 Changeset [3390] by rblod

NEMO branch dev_r3387_LOCEAN6_AGRIF_LIM : preliminary commit to allow faster compilation with AGRIF

16:53 Ticket #967 (Incorrect scale factors in diagnosed mass transport and vertical eiv) closed by agn
16:52 Changeset [3389] by agn

Correct ei factors for mass flux in diawri.F90 & for w eiv in trldf_iso_grif.F90

16:43 Ticket #967 (Incorrect scale factors in diagnosed mass transport and vertical eiv) created by agn
Incorrect scale factors in (i) diagnosed mass transport in diawri.F90 and …
16:22 Ticket #965 (nn_rstctl=2: why check consistency between namelist and restart?) closed by vichi
fixed: Thanks Sebastien now it's much more clear. Indeed this raises an issue, …
16:17 Changeset [3388] by rblod

As Sisyphus, recreate a branch for AGRIF in sea-ice in 2012 see ticket #848


17:08 ticket/0927_Energy_diag edited by fabien.roquet
08:18 Changeset [3387] by sga

NEMO branch dev_r3337_NOCS10_ICB: add timing routines around whole iceberg calculation - how bad can it get?


18:52 ticket/0927_Energy_diag edited by fabien.roquet
16:31 Ticket #966 (GYRE using linear eos (nn_eos=1) very slow) created by fabien.roquet
When running the GYRE configuration (EXP00 experiment) with the linear …
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18:52 Changeset [3386] by acc

Create development branch for the latest implementation of the NOCS development to tidy up the heat and mass fluxes to and from the ocean. This is a necessary precursor to correct embedding of the ice in the ocean and revisits work done (but not finished) in previous years. See ticket #665

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