2009 Stream 0 : coupled ready

The object of this stream is to ensure that the whole system is “coupled ready”. To precede the dead line of the next IPCC exercise, a validated generic coupling interface must be introduced in the system by the middle of 2009. This interface intends to be shared by all groups involved in coupled studies (IPSL, Met Office, GEOMAR-kiel, Meteo France, CERFACS, INGV, EC-Earth, …). In addition, the improvements in the physics of the global ocean that has been made in the research community during the last few years have to be offered to all users (see 2009WP/2009Stream3). The 3 actions of the stream are:

S0.1 : Coupling interface

Introduce in NEMO a generic coupling interface that can be used with the main European atmospheric models (ARPEGE, ECHAM, Had Am?, LMDz) and works with LIM2, LIM3 and CICE ice models.

(1) achieve the generic coupled interface (v3.2)

Status: sbccpl.F90 added in the trunk and validated (NEMO-paris, contribution from IPSL and CERFACS), see tickets #155 and #334. Ready for incorporation into v3.2

(2) adapt the interface to LIM3 (v3.2)

Status: originally planed for v3.2. On going work (NEMO-Paris)

  • remove useless variables in LIM2 and LIM3 (#454)
  • introduce a 3rd dimension for sea-ice coupling fields to prepare the coupling with lim3 and cice (#444)
  • improve readability by: suppressing ice_oce module (#448) ; setting some arguments of sbc_cpl_ice_flx to OPTIONAL (#451) , removing useless variables in LIM2 and LIM3 (#454)
  • introduce a same name in LIM2 and LIM3 for air-ice stress (utau_ice, vtau_ice), #452, ice velocity (u_ice, v_ice) and ocean velocities (u_oce, v_oce), #453.

(3) adapt the interface to UM and CICE (v3.2)

Status: on going work (NEMO-Exeter), see ticket #436

  • contribution from Paris (introduce B-grid on F point for CICE ice model, #450 ; introduce a 3rd dimension for sea-ice coupling fields, #444)
  • Not at v3.2 because needs to be done in conjunction with LIM3 work.

S0.2 : ORCA2-LIM

Provide to all groups starting coupled O/I/A simulations a reference set of forced experiments that document the effect of various physical package as well as the changes from the OPA8 to NEMO with respect to the ocean and ice components (and possibly PISCES).

(1) Updated ORCA2-LIM2 configuration (bathy, CORE climatologic forcing) (v3.2)

Status: bathymetry changes (straits, interior seas) for ORCA2-LIM and PISCES have been incorporated in the trunk (#155, #334). Ready for v3.2
A climatological forcing based on DFS4 has been built, and validated. It is not yet in the trunk.

(2) Updated physics for ORCA2-LIM2 (v3.2)

Status: see 2009WP/2009Stream3

(3) ORCA2-LIM3 configuration (v3.2)

Status: no started (NEMO-Paris).

(4) CF compliance of all NEMO NetCDF outputs (2 w) (v3.2)

Status: CF standard_names agreed with CF community. Need to incorporate in xml file so that IOISPL will output them. Perhaps give user a choice of XML files? Agreed with Rachid that this can be done at vn 3.3. (NEMO-Exeter).

(4) Standard output for IPCC runs using IOM (v3.2)

Status: On going work (NEMO-Paris).

  • introduce an on-line computation of meridional stream function by ocean etc… see #361, #421.

(5) Standard plots using libIGCM library (IsENES) (v3.3)

Status: On going work (NEMO-Paris).
Detail of the ongoing work is there : libIGCM?
Official documentation of libIGCM is there : http://forge.ipsl.jussieu.fr/libigcm/wiki/WikiStart

(6) Reference forced simulations with a mean seasonal cycle over 2,000 years (v3.3)

Status: first 2,000 years runs performed. On going work (NEMO-Paris).

(7) Reference forced simulations with a 1958-2004 interannual forcing (v3.3)

Status: not started (NEMO-Paris).

(8) A series of runs to document the physics of ORCA2-LIM (v3.3)

Status: not started (NEMO-Paris).

(9) Web and paper documentations of the behaviour found (v3.3)

Status: not started (NEMO-Paris).

(10) Possibly reference experiment with other resolution (ORCA1, 05, 025…) (v3.X)

Status: not started (NEMO-Paris).

(11) Possibly reference experiment with ORCA2-LIM-PISCES (v3.X)

Status: not started (NEMO-Paris).

S0.3 : CICE

Introduce in the NEMO reference code an interface to CICE ice model.

(1) document the interface and introduce it in NEMO (v3.2)

Status: On going work (NEMO-Exeter) see #436
Not at v3.2 because needs to be done in conjunction with LIM3 work.

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