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Working on tickets

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The ticketing system for NEMO is quite active with about 160 ticket opened per year :

It is quite important to keep the ticketing system up to date, and thus to work on closing the tickets (with or without an associated commit) in an acceptable delay. This implies that all NEMO System Team members and hopefully other developers (see list of experts involved in September 2017 at bottom of this page) contribute to this work on a regular basis. This page describes the associated workflow and the responsibilities of each expert in these tasks.

Role and tasks of experts

Following the list of tickets and accepting some assignements

The list of open tickets needing some additionnal work is available here (where type "Development branch" and "task" type have been excluded) :!Development+branch&type=!Task&group=version&max=200&col=id&col=summary&col=status&col=type&col=owner&col=priority&col=component&col=time&col=reporter&desc=1&order=time

Each relevant ticket should be assigned to an expert, meaning that only actually new tickets should appear with "new" status, whereas all others should appear as "assigned".

Each expert is requested to check regularly the list of open tickets in order to:

  • accept some assignments which are relevant to his expertise or good will
  • propose assignments for newly created tickets

In fact, to have an up-to-date ticketing system, there should be nearly no tickets under "new" status, and each expert should have a few (more than one…) tickets assigned to him/her.

Accepting assignments is indeed important in order to share a clear view on the list of tickets remaining to be taken in account.

Workflow for a given ticket

Once an expert has accepted the assignment, the following items should be completed:

  • in the ticket, describe the chosen answer(s)
  • if some changes or fixes are to be commited in the NEMO reference, those should be tested before commit, including full SETTE tests in debug mode
  • in the comments of commit, do not forget the associated ticket number
  • check where commits are relevant (maybe at least 2 places: in the shared users version (3_6_STABLE for now) and in the trunk (version under development)
  • when tasks are completed, close the ticket

List of experts involved from system team mailing list, Sept. 2017

  • Andrew Coward
  • Alistair Sellar
  • Ana Aguiar
  • Andrew Yool
  • Clement BRICAUD
  • Christian Ethe
  • Claire Levy
  • Clare ONeill
  • Claudio Sanchez
  • Clement Rousset
  • Calvert Daley
  • Damiano Delrosso
  • Dan Copsey
  • Dave Storkey
  • David Ford
  • Dorotea normal
  • Emanuela Clementi
  • Enda ODea
  • Francesca Mele
  • George Nurser
  • Gelsomina Mattia
  • Georgina Long
  • Gurvan Madec
  • Guillaume Reffray
  • guillaume samson
  • Nacho Merino
  • Isabella Ascione
  • james while
  • Jamie Rae
  • Jerome Chanut
  • James Harle
  • Jennifer Graham
  • Jonah Roberts
  • Jon Tinker
  • Juan Castillo
  • Julien Palmieri
  • Julien Paul
  • Marc Stringer
  • Martin Vancoppenolle
  • Massimilano Drudi
  • Matt Martin
  • Miguel Castrillo
  • Mike Bell
  • Mirek Andrejczuk
  • Mondher Chekki
  • Nicolas MARTIN
  • Olivier Aumont
  • Pier Giuseppe
  • Pierre Mathiot
  • Rachid Benshila
  • Romain Bourdalle-Badie
  • Richard Hill
  • Robert King
  • Sebastien Masson
  • Simona Flavoni
  • Silvia Mocavero
  • Stefania Ciliberti
  • Tim Graham
  • Tomas Lovato