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Integrating core2 forcing in nemo v3.2 / libigcm


  • Document the using of CORE2 forcing for NEMO, in configuration ORCA2_LIM, with libIGCM.

Step by step:

Preparing core2 forcing files on ORCA2 grid

climatological files

  1. Download core2 forcing files: CYNF
  2. Interpolation (with cdo 1 nco) of forcing files: example of script
  1. create coeffr weights for runoffs
  2. removed part "if ORCA2" in sbrnf.F90
  3. preparing script ".pro" for post processing with idl
  4. automatize creation of pdf or html, by shell script

Configuration of libIGCM files:

  1. COMP/opa9.card : opa9.card
  2. COMP/opa9.driver : opa9.driver
  3. PARAM/namelist : namelist
  4. PARAM/iodef.xml : iodef.xml
  5. config.card : config.card

interannual files

  1. work in progress …

table of conversion variable's name

old name ipcc's name
votemper thetao
vosaline so
vozocrtx uoce_eff
vomecrty voce_eff
sosstsst tos
sohefldo qns+qsr
sowafldp wfcorr
somxl010 mldr10_1
sosaline sos
sossheig zos
soshfldo rsntds
sozotaux tauuo
sozotauy tauvo
iicethic sit
ice_cover sic
isnowthi snd


pdf format

forcing core2 100 years of simulation output: annual mean (T,U,V)

monthly mean (ice) all_plots.pdf

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