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Idealized configuration representing double gyres in the North hemisphere,Beta-plane with a regular grid spacing at 1° horizontal resolution (and possible use as a benchmark by easily inscreasing grid size), 101 vertical levels, forced with analytical heat, freshwater and wind-stress fields.
This configuration is coupled to PISCES biogeochemichal model.

Running GYRE as a benchmark:

This simple configuration can be used as a benchmark since it is easy to increase resolution (and in this case no physical meaning of outputs):

1 - Choose the grid size:

In CONFIG/GYRE/EXP00, edit your namelist_cfg file to change the jp_cfg, jpi, jpj, jpk namelist variables in &namcfg:

JP_CFG JPI JPJ JPK Number of points Equivalent to
1 30 20 101 60600 GYRE 1°
25 750 500 101 37875000 ORCA ½°
50 1500 1000 101 151500000 ORCA ¼°
150 4500 3000 101 1363500000 ORCA 1/12°
200 6000 4000 101 2424000000 ORCA 1/16°

2 - In namelist_cfg again, avoid problems in the physics (and results will not be meaningful in terms of physics) by setting nn_bench = 1 in &namctl

nn_bench    =    1     !  Bench mode (1/0): CAUTION use zero except for bench

3 - If you increase domain size, you may need to decrease time-step (for stability) by changing rn_rdt value in &namdom (i.e. for jp_cfg=150, ORCA12 equivallent, use rn_rdt=1200.)

rn_rdt      = 1200.     !  time step for the dynamics

4- Optionnal, in order to increase the number of MPI communication for benchmark purposes: you can change the number of sub-timesteps computed in the time-splitting scheme each iteration. First change the list of active cpp keys for your experiment, in CONFIG/"your configuration name"/cpp_"your configuration name".fcm : replace key_dynspg_flt by add key_dynspg_ts, and recompile/ create your executable again (makenemo…).
In your namelist_cfg file, in edit namelist_cfg and in the &namsplit namelist, add the following line:

 nn_baro       =    30               !  Number of iterations of barotropic mode/

nn_baro=30 is a kind of minimum (we usually use 30 to 60).So than increasing the nn_baro value will increase the number of MPI communications.

The GYRE cpp keys, namelists and scripts can be explored in the GYRE configuration directory (NEMOGCM/CONFIGURATION/GYRE and NEMOGCM/CONFIGURATION/GYRE/EXP00) , in the NEMO browser (using the same login as the web site).

Find here monthly mean outputs of 10 years run - trunk of 1 year -
Download the files from the DODS server of IDRIS