2012 Stream 2

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CMCC.6 Compilation with external complex BGC models (continuation)

Description and participants

Motivation: Seamless coupling with external biogeochemical models (e.g. BFM, ERSEM) Status: This action started in 2011 and was partly completed. FCM has been used successfully to compile both the BFM and ERSEM with NEMO using the NEMO compilation environment. It is still to be fully explored the possibility to use BLD/MY_SRC as the transfer directory for the coupling without adding additional CPP keys. Main tasks: Use FCM to compile external BGC models with minimal changes to the NEMO code. System Reviewer: C. Ethe' Science Reviewer: C. Ethe', K. Edwards Deadline: 2012 Priority: High Principal investigator: Marcello Vichi


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