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     5.. contents:: 
     6   :local: 
     11| First of all, :forge:`search <search on the developement platform>` in the most comprehensive way  
     12  (wiki, tickets, forum and online doc) to check if the subject has not already been discussed. 
     13| If you found no answer after that, create the corresponding ressource online according to your need 
     15- Question: create a topic in the appropriate :forge:`discussion <forum>` 
     16- Issue: open a new ticket of the right type depending of its severity 
     17  - "Unavoidable" :forge:`newticket?type=Bug       <bug>` 
     18  - "Workable"    :forge:`newticket?type=Defect <defect>` 
     20Please follow the guidelines and also be as specific as possible for the ticket description. 
     22New development 
     25You have developed something related to the NEMO project: a personal configuration,  
     26an addition of the source code, a full fork of the reference, a {pre,post}-processing tool, ... 
     27Done initially for your own purpose, you believe your work is of interest for the community. 
     28You can report it in different ways depending on your motivation and your willingness to  
     29see it included in the NEMO shared reference. 
     31Beforehand, you should know that the NEMO Developers Committee will decide  
     32if the development is relevant and useful.  
     33First criteria will be of course the scientific interest,  
     34but the amount of work needed to successfully meet the quality control requirements is also going to be evaluated. 
     39You're not ready to do more other than to inform other users of your development,  
     40you can promote your work by creating a specific topic on this :forge:`discussion/forum/5 <dedicated forum>`  
     41which brings together all the contributions from the community. 
     43Proposal / Task 
     46| You can suggest a :forge:`newticket?type=Enhancement <enhancement>` to be made which can be supplemented by  
     47  the output of ``svn diff`` from your working copy  
     48  (easier for integration with ``svn patch`` than the attachement of modified routines). 
     49| But without a little more work,  
     51If you really think your development worths the integration into the NEMO shared reference,  
     52your ticket should describe the development and its implementation, so as the existing validations. 
     54Once the approval of Developers Committee is given,  
     55the development can be added to the yearly development work plan. 
     56From there you will be in charge of an development action,  
     57with the perspective of merging it by the end of civil year,  
     58but also with the help of NEMO System Team to follow the different development steps. 
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