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NESTING TOOLS AGRIF read updated bathymetry for creating agrif restarts

Reported by:Jan Harlass Component: AGRIF
Version: release-3.6 Severity: minor
Keywords: AGRIF bathymetry nesting Cc: Stefania Ciliberti
Owned by:Jerome Chanut Milestone:
Priority: low



Use bathy_updated from base model to correctly compute masks (partial steps) for nest restart creation.



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    113113  !        
    114114  CALL set_child_name(parent_coordinate_file,Childcoordinates)    
    115115  CALL set_child_name(parent_meshmask_file,Childbathy)  
    116116  CALL set_child_name(parent_bathy_meter,Childbathymeter)    
     117  ! use bathy_updated for base model ONLY, if bathy_update=true in namelist.input 
     118  IF (bathy_update) THEN 
     119    parent_bathy_meter=updated_parent_file 
     120  END IF 
    117122  ! create this file 
    118123  ! 
    164170     ! 
    165171  ENDIF 
    166172  ! 
     173  WRITE(*,*) 'Reading Bathymetry: ',TRIM(parent_bathy_meter) 
     174  CALL Read_Ncdf_var('Bathymetry',parent_bathy_meter,G0%bathy_meter) 
     176  WRITE(*,*) 'Reading mbathy    : ',TRIM(parent_meshmask_file) 
    167177  CALL Init_mask(parent_meshmask_file,G0,x,y) 
     178  WRITE(*,*) 
     179  WRITE(*,*) 'Reading Bathymetry: ',TRIM(Childbathymeter) 
     180  CALL Read_Ncdf_var('Bathymetry',Childbathymeter,G1%bathy_meter) 
     181  WRITE(*,*) 'Reading mbathy    : ',TRIM(childbathy) 
    168182  CALL Init_mask(childbathy,G1,1,1) 
    170184  G0%tmask = 1.    

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Could you please explain why you need the updated parent bathymetry ? Input restart matches the original (i.e. not updated domain) so that I don't understand why you advise this. Maybe I missed something ?
Thanks for your help,

comment:6 Changed 10 days ago by Jan Harlass

You are right and I can not entirely recall the reason. From my current perspective it is indeed better to use to treat the input fields equally. We came across this issue when adding the partial step support in the creation process of all masks (Init_mask). When a nested configuration starts and the first update takes place immediately, base values will be overwritten by nest values in any way. So either either bathy_updated would not fit not fit to the base restart or the base restart will not fit to 1_bathy_meter.
Ticket can be closed and proposed change dismissed.

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Thanks Jan. I close the ticket.

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