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15:40 Ticket #262 (missing definition of PAT_NAMECF in job_ZAGRIF.ksh for NVTK) closed by ctlod
15:39 Changeset [1247] by ctlod

initialize the variable PAT_NAMECF in job_ZAGRIF.ksh job, see ticket, #262

15:11 Ticket #278 (Bug fix in increased vertical diffusion in the vicinity of river mouths ...) closed by ctlod
15:10 Changeset [1246] by ctlod

apply the tmask when increasing the vertical diffusion avt(:,:,:) in rivers mouths, see ticket: #278

12:46 Ticket #155 (Implementation of a new coupling interface) closed by ctlod
12:29 Ticket #288 (small inconsistency in sbcfwb) closed by ctlod
12:29 Changeset [1245] by ctlod

write a message and stop if parameter kn_fwb is set to zero, see ticket: #288

12:15 Ticket #287 (add surface tilt in EVP rheology of LIM3) closed by ctlod
12:14 Ticket #286 (Activate sea surface height in LIM3, improves its stability) closed by ctlod
12:13 Changeset [1244] by ctlod

improve the LIM 3.0 stability in using sea surface height, see ticket: #286

12:10 Ticket #276 (NEC compilation option related to f2003 noopt_ieee should be removed to ...) closed by ctlod
12:08 Changeset [1243] by ctlod

remove the noopt_ieee NEC compilation option which decreases performances, see ticket: #276

11:21 Changeset [1242] by rblod

Fix runtime issues with AGRIF on NEC and add the ability to run without sea-ice on the fine grid hierarchy

11:18 Ticket #263 (Allocatable arrays in fldread) closed by rblod


17:23 Ticket #296 (obcdta_bt out of date) created by rblod
In module obcdta, the subroutine obcdta_bt is out of date (key_dynspg_flt …
17:18 Ticket #292 (incorrect calculation of icycle in dynspg_ts.F90) closed by rblod
fixed: Fixed, and introduce nn_baro as the integer number of sub time steps, …
17:15 Ticket #280 (Restartability problem in time splitting case) closed by rblod
17:14 Changeset [1241] by rblod

Fix a stupid bug for time splitting and ensure restartability for dynspg_ts in addition, see tickets #280 and #292


12:02 Ticket #295 (For LIM 3.0, use 2 different names for the same parameter nn_ico_cpl and ...) closed by ctlod
12:02 Changeset [1240] by ctlod

replace nn_ico_cpl by kico name to be coherent, see ticket: #295

11:59 Ticket #295 (For LIM 3.0, use 2 different names for the same parameter nn_ico_cpl and ...) created by ctlod
in the module sbcice_lim.F90, the call to lim_sbc_tau to update …
10:40 Ticket #281 (Stable discretization of the production term in zdftke.F90) closed by ctlod
fixed: Thank you for this new module. A small addition has been done in …
10:35 Changeset [1239] by ctlod

this version allows to stabilize the computation of En production term, see ticket: #281


16:54 Ticket #257 (mpp_init_ioipsl sets incorrect halo attributes for mean files if jpnij ...) closed by rblod
16:53 Changeset [1238] by rblod

Adapt mpp_init_ioipsl for jpni*jpnj < jpnij, see ticket #257


19:37 Ticket #270 (Print outs in sbcflx.F90.) closed by rblod
19:36 Ticket #271 (Problem with lib_mpp.F90 using mpi_bsend with F95 compilers.) closed by rblod
19:36 Ticket #269 (Compilation problem in domzgr.F90 on Linux with PGI compiler.) closed by rblod
19:35 Changeset [1237] by rblod

Light fixes, see ticket #271

19:16 Changeset [1236] by rblod

Correction of a print, see ticket #270

19:10 Changeset [1235] by rblod

Fix a conversion bug, see ticket #269

18:21 Ticket #22 (obcsurftot not initialized in obcini) closed by rblod
17:37 Ticket #289 (ORCA-LIM2 segmentation fault with ln_ctl = true) closed by rblod
17:37 Changeset [1234] by rblod

Fix control print problem, see ticket #289

17:35 Ticket #290 (Problem with the reading of "&namicethd" in the namelist_ice file) closed by rblod
17:15 Changeset [1233] by rblod

Syntax error in namelist_ice_lim2, see ticket #290


09:29 Changeset [1232] by smasson

coupling interface, bugfix from A. Caubel and E. Maisonnave, see ticket:155


11:13 Ticket #251 (new tracers advection scheme) closed by ctlod
fixed: This new module replace the previous one, so we loose the history.
11:11 Changeset [1231] by ctlod

replace the traadv_qck.F90 module with a new one entirely rewritten, see ticket: #251

10:42 Ticket #250 (new quick tracers advection scheme: traadv_qck.F90) closed by ctlod
fixed: see ticket #251


17:24 Ticket #294 (Problems with the update of fluxes in sbcflx.F90 when running with surface ...) created by k.mogensen@…
Hi. In sbcflx.F90 the fluxes are updated with the values from the …
16:13 Ticket #293 (Compilation problems when using TOP and AGRIF) created by sga@…
Hello, I've been trying to compile my own passive tracer code (introduced …


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17:40 Ticket #292 (incorrect calculation of icycle in dynspg_ts.F90) created by acc
On line 307 of dynspg_ts.F90, icycle is computed as: icycle = 3 /2 …
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