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11:02 Ticket #1375 (degradation of North Atlantic solution in ORCA025 at 3.6) created by davestorkey
The solution in the North Atlantic seems to be significantly degraded at …


17:41 ticket/1296/Review edited by cbricaud
16:42 ticket/1296/Review created by cbricaud
14:53 Ticket #1374 (filename "data_1m_salinity_nomask.nc" hard-wired in diaar5) created by joakim
In NEMO 3.6, the diaar5 routine has the filename …
09:47 Changeset [4756] by deazer

Added two new routines, diatmb and dia25h to handle 25hourly and tmb output.
modified diawri to call these routines when logicals are true
logicals are set by new namelist addition set to true in AMM12 cfg and false in reference
default should be false.
additional call in dynspg_ts for barotropic U and V
Created extra fields in field_def.xml and extrae file groups in iodef.xml


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15:55 Changeset [4755] by flavoni

add new idl plots; mld new map for example, see ticket #724

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New XIOS features and usage tips
14:51 user/acc/XIOSextras created by acc
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16:11 Changeset [4754] by rfurner

change to give a one level model in surge case

08:43 2014WP/Met_Office edited by deazer
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20:01 Changeset [4753] by djlea

Add SST, SLA observation types to test.

18:58 Changeset [4752] by djlea

Add basic observation statistics writing to ocean.output


15:48 2014WP/ticket/1314 edited by djlea
15:28 Changeset [4751] by djlea

Changes to include an OBS test in SETTE. At the moment this uses an example profile observation.


16:00 Ticket #1373 (introduce forgotten "USE key_asminc" in DYN/dynspg_ts.F90) created by lax
To be able to compile the code when using key_asminc, these lines are …


14:29 Changeset [4750] by jwhile

Branch to contain code for SST bias correction


22:58 Ticket #1372 (BDY using monthly data) created by julienjouanno
I have a problem with fld_read when trying to read bdy monthly data …
12:45 Ticket #1369 (Coupling field names for OASIS should not be limited to 8 characters) closed by timgraham
duplicate: This is very similar to ticket #1343. I will try to apply the fix for that …
12:16 Ticket #1363 (Uninitialised diaptr variables in offline pisces) closed by timgraham
fixed: Change committed at r4749.
12:15 Changeset [4749] by timgraham

Added call to initialise diaptr in OFF_SRC/nemogcm.F90 so that if statements based on diaptr variables don't cause failures.
See ticket #1363

10:33 Changeset [4748] by timgraham

Added key_cice5 to select use of CICE5 model. This is used so that the correct variable names are used in the CICE5 version
Modified all references to key_cice to an "or" so that they will be triggered by the key_cice5 key as well (assuming the code sections don't require chanegs for CICE5).


17:55 ticket/1327/review created by jwhile
17:02 ticket/1331_UKMO2_ice_shelves edited by mathiot
16:33 ticket/1327 edited by jwhile
16:32 Changeset [4747] by mathiot

ISF branch: change to deal with non mask bathymetry (land processor definition, building bathy and ice shelf draft variable), update of hpg (definition of ze3wu in case of zps and vvl) and bfr (in case of 2 cell water column thickness, each cell feels top and bottom friction).

11:26 Changeset [4746] by jwhile

Updated to allow interpolation in s-coordinates


17:18 Changeset [4745] by timgraham

Modified documentation to describe new features.

12:24 Changeset [4744] by deazer

Creating Branch for UKMO10 2014 Development for Tidally meaned diagnostics

11:06 Changeset [4743] by rfurner

initialising unitiated bdy arrays

11:05 Changeset [4742] by rfurner

turning of vertical mixing etc

10:54 Ticket #1371 (Uninitalised variables in diaobs.F90) closed by jwhile
fixed: Closing ticket
10:45 Changeset [4741] by jwhile

Fix to unitialised arrays

10:29 Ticket #1371 (Uninitalised variables in diaobs.F90) created by jwhile
Namelist arrays are not being intalised in diaobs. This is causing the …


17:37 ticket/1296/review created by timgraham
17:35 ticket/1296 edited by timgraham
16:58 Changeset [4740] by timgraham

Corrected bugs in trcdmp and trcnam_trp
Modifications to nam_tradmp in configuration namelists

10:46 Changeset [4739] by timgraham

Updated C1D/dyndmp.F90 and trcdmp.F90 to read restoration coefficient from a file.
Modified namelist_top_ref to match new options
Bug fixes to DMP_TOOLS tool and addition of custom.F90 to allow users to make modifications. Also changed to use working precision (wp) throughout.


17:01 Ticket #1370 (Missing line in dia_wri_state) created by nemo_user
CALL histwrite( id_i, "vovvldep", kt, fsdept_n(:,:,:) , jpi*jpj*jpk, idex …
13:54 Ticket #1369 (Coupling field names for OASIS should not be limited to 8 characters) created by ufla
The length of OASIS coupling field names is limited to 8 characters in …


17:47 Changeset [4738] by timgraham

Modified tra_dmp module to read in restoration coefficient from a netcdf file

Added a tool to create the netcdf file - this replaces all of the hard coded resolution dependencies in tra_dmp_init

16:59 Ticket #1368 (Nemo 3.6 crashes when using 03 option of Intel compilers) created by nemo_user
It is all in the title. But it runs when using 02.
14:47 Changeset [4737] by jwhile

Branch to contain generalised vertical interpolation


12:30 ticket/1367_NOC2_ZTS created by acc
12:24 Changeset [4736] by acc

Branch 2014/dev_r4743_NOC2_ZTS, #1367. Code changes to introduce optional sub-timestepping for vertical advection. Changes in dynadv.F90, dynzad.F90, traadv.F90, traadv_tvd.F90 and namelist_ref only.

11:51 Ticket #1367 (NOCS development branch for sub-timestepping of vertical advection) created by acc
Tests using ORCA1 and ORCA025 configurations with high vertical resolution …
11:34 Changeset [4735] by acc

Create branch for NOCS development of a sub-timestepping scheme for vertical advection to ease numerical stability issues when vertical metrics become small. See ticket #1367

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