Test Cases

IMPORTANT: test cases functionality is under development for now

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The so-called test cases are configurations based on NEMO and shared within the NEMO community. Whereas the "Reference Configurations" supported by NEMO System Team includes a limited number of examples used to setup, demonstrate and validate NEMO shared reference, the test cases is an open list where each NEMO user can add its contribution.

Available test cases:

Within the next official NEMO release (after 3_6_STABLE, in 2018), the list of test cases will be available in the text file :


How to use a test case:

How to create executable for a test case ?

Use the usual makenemo command with the -a option (-a = alternative sub-directory for configurations)

Example: to compile the "OVERFLOW" test case:

./makenemo -a TEST_CASES -n my_OVERFLOW -r OVERFLOW
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