General information for all users about recent changes linked to the ORCHIDEE code and environment as well as the project.

Between the regular news follow also weekly meeting reports
and main changes done on the trunk.

  • Next ORCHIDEE-DEV meeting the 8 March: meeting on the Fair use policy

News February 2016

Main changes in the trunk since July 2015

  • Change of Bare soil albedo calculation: a new formulation based on MODIS derived background albedo can be used with the keyword ALB_BG_MODIS, see ticket #227, r3171
  • Implemented use of XIOS 2.0 as option, see ticket #202, r3096
  • New multi-layer snow scheme with Implicit coupling of "soil-snow-atmosphere", see ticket #203, r3059 => NOTE: a BUG was introduced with the implicit coupling and it will be corrected soon...
  • humcste initialized depending on soil depth, see ticket #183, r3041
  • Added fractions for snow cover, see ticket #203, r3020
  • Bug correction in water conservation, see ticket #188, r2927
  • Soil thermal properties were changed and now vary according to texture, see ticket #194, r2922
  • New vertical soil discretization with a unique discretization for the hydrologie and the thermic, see ticket #190, r2917
  • Corrections for restartability 1day+1day=2days. This is now ok in all tested cases, see ticket #143, r2868

New model features to come soon in the trunk

  • Nitrogen cycle has been completed in a branch and is currently under validation
  • BVOC : Emission fluxes for BVOCs and NOx, vegetation fraction, see ticket #230

Reported problems in the current trunk

  • A bug for the new snow scheme was introduced in revision [3059]. The snow does not melt properly, see ticket #229
  • Soil hydric stress with the 11-layer model: bug in the trunk; corrected by Nicolas Vuichard in a specific version (see ticket #228); will be comitted to the trunk soon.

Reference simulations done with the trunk

The latest reference simulations done with the trunk are using revision 3171 and 3109. See here : wiki:ReferenceSimulations

XIOS is now the default

XIOS 1.0 is now replacing IOIPSL for writing of output files (history files). This is the case in the trunk and the libIGCM configurations (ORCHIDEE_trunk, LMDZOR_v6).

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