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#2022 AGRIF-01_cbricaud-EWandNorthBC(2017WP) cbricaud 2019 WP failed no this task will be develop by INRIA in a cmems contract
#2199 AGRIF-01_jchanut_small_jpi_jpj jchanut 2019 WP passed yes Request for preview submitted on May 15
#2131 ASINTER-01_Guillaume_ABL1D gsamson IMMERSE 2019 passed yes model implementation ok; ORCA025 tests ok; abl tools ok; SETTE ok; problem with ABL restartability under investigation merged !
#2157 ASINTER-04_Madec_waves gm IMMERSE 2019 failed no postponed to WP2020 in collaboration with CMCC
#2111 CMCC-01_sciliberti_BDYModel sciliberti 2019 WP failed no Action is still under development - in particular, devs on 4.0 need to be setup, actually partially implemented for 3.6.
#2112 CMCC-02_sciliberti_BDYTool sciliberti IMMERSE 2019 failed no Unspecified
#2142 ENHANCE-02_Pierre Mathiot_ISF mathiot 2019 WP failed no Status 08/2019: Work started on 2 branches: one for domcfg (inclusion of the new geometry computation) and one on NEMO itself (cleaning, new method to couple with an ice sheet model, ... see wiki for details).
#2143 ENHANCE-03_PierreMathiot_DomcfgTools mathiot 2019 WP passed yes - Change in domcfg to define the closed sea and its river mouth using a lat/lon seed is done. - Change in NEMO to manage multiple closed sea with the same river mouth. - tested in a very idealised case. Still to do: - test it with eORCA025, eORCA1, ORCA2 (to see if the same namelist block works for various configuration with different lakes activated). Will be ready for the merge party.
#2167 ENHANCE-04_AndrewC-reporting acc 2019 WP passed yes Most of the basic functionality has been implemented post-merge (2018) and is already in both the trunk and release. See: wiki:2019WP/ENHANCE-04_AndrewC-reporting for details. There is more that can be done to improve and enhance options and the task is likely to be revisited before the next merge (2019). The key further development planned is to implement single-core read and broadcast for common, small-volume inputs (e.g: EMPave.dat, namelists etc.).
#2175 ENHANCE-05_SimonM-Harmonic_Analysis smueller 2019 WP pending yes Implementation complete; developments merged with ENHANCE-12_SimonM-Tides developments; reference manual update in progress
#2176 ENHANCE-07_JamesH-sigma_under_ISF jamesharle 2019 WP failed no Unspecified
#2045 ENHANCE-08(2018WP)_Gurvan-Implicit_Drags gm 2019 WP failed no Require the RK3 environment. Two steps: (1) proper implicit top & bottom drag. (2) implicit ice-ocean drag. Step (1) expected for WP2009 Step (2) is unscheduled: it requires significant changes in the SI3 architecture
#2315 ENHANCE-11_CEthe_Shaconemo_diags cetlod 2019 WP passed yes Merged in 2019
#2194 ENHANCE-12_SimonM-Tides smueller 2019 WP pending yes Implementation complete; developments merged with ENHANCE-05_SimonM-Harmonic_Analysis developments; reference manual update in progress
#2217 HPC-01_Mike Bell_OpenMP mikebell 2019 WP failed no Maff Glover and I did a considerable amount of work – though none of it was lodged back in a branch. This work is postpone to 2020 as HPC-02_Daley_Tiling.
#2009 HPC-02_Epicoco_Single Core Performance francesca IMMERSE 2019 failed no Developed a proof of concept for evaluating the introduction of the loop fusion approach. The loop fusion optimization requires the introduction of the extra halo management in advance. The work on the extra halo region is ongoing. The loop fusion development will not be included in the 2019 merge party, but it will be ready for 2020 developments. This Activity will be splitted in two activities in 2020, namely extra-halo and loop fusion.
#2153 HPC-03_HPDAonlineDiag epico IMMERSE 2019 failed no Unspecified
#2011 HPC-04(2018WP)_Mocavero_mpi3 mocavero 2019 WP failed no The neighbourhood collective communications have been integrated in the NEMO code (a dedicated branch has been developed). The use of new collective communications has been tested on a representative kernel implementing the FCT advection scheme. The action will be continued in 2020 to extend new collective communications to 9-point stencil routines, land domain exclusion and north fold exchanges.
#2160 HPC-04_MCastrillo_HPDAonlineDiagGPU mcastril IMMERSE 2019 pending no The expected outcome for 2019 is to have a small demonstrator of a small set of NEMO diagnostics running on GPUs. This objective has been fulfilled. Currently we are improving the solution for this first set in order to increase its efficiency by applying techniques allowing to mitigate the overhead of the data offload. Also we are porting the model to Power9 architecture to run the full model in MareNostrum4 Power9 cluster. The whole task will be continued in the following years.
#2040 HPC-04_Mixed_precision_study-13.2_Implementation mcastril IMMERSE 2019 pending no A first Mixed-Precision version is ready. For the timings please check the plan.
#2166 HPC-06_SimonM-extendedhaloes smueller 2019 WP failed no Superseded by action 2019WP/HPC-02_Epicoco_SingleCorePerformance (ticket #2009)
#2196 HPC-07_XXX_agrif_HPC_review IMMERSE 2019 failed no Unspecified
#2195 HPC-08_XXX_fldread_with_XIOS andmirek 2019 WP failed no I have implemented use of XIOS to read weights file and initial conditions. Next step is to use it to read forcing files. There are few issues related to the way XIOS handles reading which may make implementation difficult. First XIOS can't read data from files split in time (it writes data without any problems) and this is what happens in MetOffice configuration. In addition XIOS can't jump between time records - it can read only next time record. As a result replicating full functionality currently in NEMO will be difficult. Inability of XIOS to jump between records makes reading forcing difficult if there is time interpolation involved and forcing for different parts have different frequencies.
#2197 HPC-09_Mireck_OpenACC andmirek 2019 WP failed no This is an exploratory work at this moment. No plans to have it in the trunk. There is a version of the code (processed by PSYclone) running on GPU. The performance is under investigation and improvement in implementation of directives in the code continues. Work postpone in 2020 as part of HPC-01_daley_GPU
#2198 HPC-10_Mike_Tiling mikebell 2019 WP failed no Unspecified
#2258 KERNEL-02_Storkey_Coward_IMMERSE_first_steps davestorkey IMMERSE 2019 passed yes * State variables to be renamed with an extra time dimension and time level swapping achieved by swapping time level indices. [done] * Prognostic fields to be passed to tendency routines from stp as arguments. [done] * Introduction of DO loop macros in preparation for the implementation of tiling [not started and is unlikely to be ready this year]
#2285 Optimization of the communications in BDY girrmann IMMERSE 2019 passed no done
#2308 Optimization of the communications in DYN girrmann IMMERSE 2019 pending no first part (cleaning, reorganization, and suppress 1 communication phase) committed during MP2019. Extended halos coded and tested in BDY configuration. postpone to WP2020 so it will also work with the NP folding. Need also to review the tides in dynspg_ts
#2202 PUBS-01_ODea_WAD deazer 2019 WP passed no Paper is subbmitted for peer review in Ocean Modelling
#2209 PUBS-02_Nicolas-DemoCases_Implementation (WP2 - MS2.1) nicolasmartin IMMERSE 2019 pending yes Procedure for adding a test case expected to be published soon
#2218 PUBS-06_Z_coordinates_comparison techene 2019 WP failed no Report written
#2323 read/write SI3 restart with XIOS andmirek IMMERSE 2019 failed no Unspecified
#2029 SI3-01(2018WP)_topographic_meltponds vancop 2019 WP failed no Topographic melt ponds to be branched and tested in the framework of SI3 evaluation
#2033 SI3-02_crousset_validation_rheology clem 2019 WP failed no Not done due to lack of time
#2034 SI3-03_crousset_validation_landfast clem 2019 WP failed no Not done due to lack of time
#2035 SI3-04_crousset_evaluation_UM5vsPRATHER clem 2019 WP failed no Not done due to lack of time
#2188 SI3-07_tsamados_drags vancop 2019 WP failed no No progress until now. Postponed to 2020.
#2162 Tiling for TRA and ZDF routines mikebell IMMERSE 2019
#2207 TOP-01_cethe_PISCES_LBC cetlod 2019 WP passed yes Ready for the merge 2019
#2038 VALID-01(2018WP_cont)_clevy_AGRIF clevy 2019 WP failed no Postponed 2020
#2170 VALID-02_GeorgeN-evalOSMOSIS agn 2019 WP failed no At 23 May 2019: The OSMOSIS code has been implemented in the v4.0 release of NEMO (presently based on r10833, April 3rd 2019). Work has begun on a range of approaches to reduce the too-deep winter mixed layers. a. Reduction in the effectiveness of the Langmuir mixing in cases where the ratio of the Stokes penetration depth to the boundary layer depth is small. and b. Reduction in effectiveness of shear-turbulent, Langmuir and convective deepening when the respective eddy turnover timescales (hbl/u* etc.) approach the inertial timescale 1/f.
#2059 VALID-03_smasson_regional_agrif smasson 2019 WP failed no this action has not started. No developments are expected from this action. It is a testing action to potentially find bugs
#2208 VALID-04_cetlod_TOP_offline cetlod 2019 WP failed no Will started after the merge 2019
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