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17:39 Ticket #227 (wrong interpolation for Levitus climatologies) closed by ctlod
17:33 Ticket #246 (print misstake (CLIO/CORE instead of CLIO/CLIO)) closed by ctlod
17:32 Changeset [1172] by ctlod

transform CLIO into CORE print in the ocean.output file, see ticket: #246

17:30 Ticket #242 (Wrong air temperatures when using CORE and LIM3) closed by ctlod
17:30 Changeset [1171] by ctlod

now input air temperature data for CORE & CLIO bulks must be in Kelvin, see ticket: #242


16:24 Ticket #247 (Pb with the use of indices ji+1,jj+1in limsbc_2.F90 subroutine) created by arnaud.caubel@…
In the case of the use of key_vectopt_loop, we have in limsbc_2.F90 : Do …


17:37 Ticket #246 (print misstake (CLIO/CORE instead of CLIO/CLIO)) created by mafoipsl
line 117 in sbcmod.F90 : Print 'CLIO bulk f.' and 'CORE bulk f.' instead …


18:45 Ticket #245 (v3_beta fixes to allow a 1d configuration to initialise from a full model ...) created by nemo_user
A couple of changes are needed to run a 1d configuration which reads its …
12:36 Ticket #244 (tradmp) created by Eric.Maisonnave@…
Case nmldp = 1 The test (avt(ji,jj,jk) < 5.e-4) could be reached several …


14:27 Ticket #243 (simplification of computation of snow-ice energy in limthd_ent) created by nemo_user
Bonjour! hello! Go to limthd_ent.F90 here is a simplification of this : …


14:29 Ticket #231 (Forward time stepping in dynspg_ts) closed by rblod
14:28 Changeset [1170] by rblod

Correct a bug for euler forward time stepping see ticket #231 , add correction for bdy (non defined fields)

12:26 Ticket #236 (emps should be set in sbcflx) closed by rblod
12:26 Changeset [1169] by rblod

Initialization of emps, see ticket #236

12:21 Ticket #235 (Incorrect sign used when applying empold correction to freshwater budget) closed by rblod
12:21 Changeset [1168] by rblod

Correct a bug in emp and emps sign, correct comments, see ticket #235

11:58 Ticket #241 (TOP : 2 names for the same CPP key : key_trcldf_eiv and key_trc_ldfeiv) closed by rblod
11:57 Changeset [1167] by rblod

Change key_trc_ldfeiv in key_trcldf_eiv in trcdia, see ticket #241

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