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2020 Workplan

The NEMO development is planned on a yearly basis relying on the NEMO Development Strategy document, which designs the long term evolution (5 to 10 years) in both scientific and engineering aspects.

Shared actions

The 2020 workplan is made up of shared actions which are the development priorities for all consortium's institutions.

(nesting tools and zooms)


Air-Sea interactions


(dynamical core)


Physical Processes



(tracers and biogeochemistry)


Data interface





    2020 WP

    IMMERSE 2020

    Ticket Summary Owner Progress Review MP ready?
    #2485 Add an Shallow Water Eq. (SWE) based on NEMO ocean kernel + associated test case gm Unspecified passed no
    #2336 AGRIF-01_mathiot_multigrid_load_balancing ayoung Unspecified failed no
    #2222 AGRIF-03_jchanut_vert_coord_interp jamesharle Development plan for this task is ready. Completion of task AGRIF-01_jchanut_small_jpi_jpj is needed first. pending no
    #2018 AGRIF-04_jchanut_tstepping jchanut A new split-explicit free surface integration compliant with AGRIF needs has been designed. The task is however postponed until the new time stepping environment is available. pending no
    #2155 ASINTER-02_Clementi_wave-mixing emanuelaclementi Ongoing During 2019 the following activities have been carried out: * the NEMO-wave code development provided in the context of the WAVE2NEMO CMEMS Service Evolution Project and related to modified GLS routine (including enhanced mixing due to breaking waves in turbulent kinetic energy surface boundary conditions) has been gathered, checked and an initial work has been performed in order to align with NEMO v4.0.1 * The NEMO-wave code developments provided in the context of Couvelard et al., 2019 paper (Madec developments) have been gathered and a check is ongoing on the TKE routine modifications due to the contribution of the Stokes Drift and to the injection of TKE at the surface due to a wave breaking dissipation term Due to the need of better investigate and include the work of Couvelard et al. (2019), which was not foreseen when writing IMMERSE proposal, this activity will be finalized in February 2020. failed no
    #2339 ASINTER-02_emanuelaclementi_Waves systeam Unspecified failed no
    #2158 ASINTER-03_laurent_bulk_and_wave laurent 0% pending no
    #2369 ASINTER-04_laurent_bulk_ice laurent 0% pending no
    #2338 DATAINT-01_sciliberti_IMMERSE_Interfaces sciliberti Unspecified failed no
    #2362 ENHANCE-13_gsamson_ABL_TOOLS gsamson Unspecified pending no
    #2353 ENHANCE-14_smueller_OSMOSIS_streamlining smueller Unspecified failed no
    #2489 General routine for light vertical penetration lovato Initiated pending no
    #2365 HPC-02_Daley_Tiling hadcv A trial implementation of tiling in `tra_ldf_iso` has been proposed as a framework and is to be reviewed. pending no
    #2364 HPC-04_mcastril_Mixed_Precision_implementation mcastril First version ready of the code ready. pending no
    #2366 HPC-08_epico_Extra_Halo epico The activity started in 2019 and will be completed in 2020. The management of extra-halo will be completed with the correct management of input/output files pending no
    #2367 HPC-09_epico_Loop_fusion epico Started in 2020 pending no
    #2368 HPC-10_mcastril_HPDAonlineDiagGPU mcastril As first step, the portability of NEMO diagnostic calculations to GPUs has been analyzed, exploring how to adapt these regions from the current MPI implementation to the CUDA paradigm. A toy model has been created to perform preliminary tests, that were done using the dia_hsb diagnostic. The code itself is executed 50x faster than in a single CPU but the data transfer to and from GPU is the main bottleneck. We are working on the asynchronous strategy in order to hide all communications among GPU/CPU. We also plan to increase the efficiency of the overall solution, by mitigating the impact of the offloaded data and extending our approach to the rest of the diagnostics. pending no
    #2480 KERNEL-01_Amy_Mike_newHPGschemes ayoung Unspecified failed no
    #2356 KERNEL-02_Coward_Do Loop Macros_part1 acc Unspecified failed no
    #2354 KERNEL-03_Storkey_Coward_RK3_stage2 acc Unspecified failed no
    #2355 KERNEL-03_Storkey_Coward_RK3_stage3 davestorkey Unspecified failed no
    #2126 KERNEL-05_jchanut_ztilde jchanut Work has been done but in a 1 year old NEMO version. Review and transfer to the most recent code have to be done. Note that testing of the revised ztilde coordinate is underway in a global 1/4° configuration (Alex Megann). pending no
    #2352 PHYPRO-01_agn_OSMOSIS_science agn Unspecified failed no
    #2351 SI3-01_stefryn_EAP_rheology stefryn Unspecified failed no
    #2150 TOP-06_emalod_OASIS_interface_between_TOP_and_NEMO emalod OASIS interface codes Performance measurement ongoing Milestone to be delivered end of February 2020 pending no
    #2363 VALID-08_gsamson_ORCA-ABL-BLK gsamson Unspecified pending no
    #2436 VALID-12_clevy_Trusting_ContinuousIntegration clevy Unspecified failed no

    Add a proposed action in the work plan

    At this stage (autumn 2019), we are building the list of possible actions for 2020. The 2020 work plan will be finalised by end of the year, with advice from the Developers Committee and decisions from the Steering committee.
    The 2020 workplan must be realistic. Each action must define the 2020 objective only. If the action is expected to take more than one year, it should be explained in the Description section of the associated wiki page (see below).
    To add an action in 2020 work plan proposal, you need to create the wiki page (for all actions) and the associated ticket (for 2020 IMMERSE actions only, since those are for sure already).
    Once the 2020 workplan will be finalised (after Steering Committee meeting) each action will need its wiki page (action description) and its ticket (following the state of the work).
    Adding a proposed action is simple: create a wiki page (eventually a ticket) following the naming conventions, and complete the wiki page information. The following description of each step will look very obvious to experienced developers, and hopefully useful for new comers.

    Important: naming convention for actions and their associated wiki page and ticket
    The name of an action must follow the convention: "STREAM"_"NUMBER"_"login of PI"_"keyword" , to be used both to name its wiki page and its ticket.

    Following this convention, the name of the wiki page must be:"STREAM"_"NUMBER"_"login of PI"_"keyword"

    • "STREAM" = one of the headers of the first table (AGRIF, ASINTER, HPC, KERNEL, PHYPRO, SI3, TOP, DATINT, ENHANCE,VALID, PUBS)
    • "NUMBER" = Choose a number (increment +1 to the last action already listed in your stream)
    • "login of PI" : login of the PI on Trac
    • "keyword" = choose a keyword for this action

    1/ Create the wiki page

    • After logging in with your trac login on the 2020 Work plan page, add at the end of page name the action name you want to create, following the naming convention above:"STREAM"_"NUMBER"_"login of PI"_"keyword
    • The NEMO wiki will answer : the page xxxx does not exist , you can create it here.
    • Choose the template 'Workplan/Action' (mandatory) and create the wiki page. This will open the new page in edit mode, allowing you to move to step 2:

    2/ Complete the mandatory fields in the wiki page

    • In the Summary section following fields (= those in bold) must be completed:
      • Action = Name and subject of the action
      • PI(S) Names
      • Digest = one sentence stating motivations and main tasks
      • Dependencies = taksks needing to be completed before this action can start, if any
      • Branch = name of development branch following naming convention (source:/NEMO/branches/{YEAR}/dev_r{REV}_{ACTION_NAME}, to add once preview is completed, e.g. not at this stage
      • Previewer(s)Names
      • Reviewer(s) Names
      • Ticket = number of associated ticket (, to be added once ticket is created, e.g. only for IMMERSE actions for now)
    • Description section (mandatory):

    Please complete this section in plain English, readable by all. Description should include:

    • goal of development and the methodology
    • reference documents or publications if relevant
    • precise statement of the objective by end 2020
    • If the action is expected to continue after 2020, some elements on the context
    • a statement on the priority : the action will be qualified as feasible if it is listed with associated commitment of the PI, or desirable meaning if is is hoped to be completed

    The other sections of wiki page (implementation, documentation update, preview, tests etc… are expected to be completed as the action work is going on.
    Once you've saved the edits of your wiki page, reload the 2020WP page to check that your action (its wiki page) now appears in the first table of the page, under the appropriate stream.

    3/ For IMMERSE 2020 actions only (for now): create also the ticket for the action

    In 2020, be careful with the milestone you choose for your ticket!
    Should be set either to 2020 WP or IMMERSE 2020

    1. Click hereafter to create the ticket as a "task": ticket for workplan action
    2. The following fields are mandatory :
      • Summary = name of the ticket, same as the action name of wiki page = "STREAM"_"NUMBER"_"login of PI"_"keyword"
      • Description: complete the proposed link to the wiki page since you've already wrote it there
      • Select milestone (2020 workplan or 2020 IMMERSE)
      • Select owner = PI of the action
      • Select priority (high= feasible, normal= desirable)
      • Select component
    3. Save the ticket and check it appears in the 2020 work plan page (second table).
    4. Add the ticket number in the wiki page you've created at step 1

    See the instructions page for the workflow to implement a development in NEMO.


    Name Institution % Position

    Specific actions

    For information, some specific actions are listed as other planned developments coming with additional resources.