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Here is a description of the different versions of ORCHIDEE that are currently developed in parallel of the main version of ORCHIDEE (trunk). Ultimately, most of these versions shall be merged into the trunk.

Important general information for users of the trunk/branches:

Trunk evolutions around CMIP6

The trunk has undergone major developments to reach svn milestone 2.0 which was to have a model that was ready to be used in CMIP6:

  • tag 2.0: trunk r5107 holds our developments for CMIP6 and was tagged as tag2.0: complementary info and evaluations. Some revisions have followed, for output formatting (including enhancements for carbon), some particular configurations (e.g. nudging), updates for jean-zay and irene-amd as well as a new photosynthetic downregulation, to lessen the downregulation of photosynthesis at high CO2 values, shown to be excessive in earlier versions. This correction was committed in r6392 (it is added with keyword downregulation_co2_new set to false by default and for the CMIP6 runs).

    The versions used for IPSLCM6A-LR (configs IPSLCM6.1.0-LR to IPSLCM6.1.10-LR in modipsl/trunk/util/mod.def) correspond to revisions of tag2.0 from r5153 to r6268 (thus excluding the corrections to downregulation). As discussed in Boucher et al. (2020), the corresponding changes (and those of the other components) led to bit-comparable simulations of the default configuration. The paper of Cheruy et al. (2020) comparing ​IPSLCM6A-LR to ​IPSLCM5A-LR in AMIP configuration relies on IPSLCM6.1.9-LR, with ORCHIDEE r5661.

Other significant evolutions of the trunk followed:

  • trunk: The 2-layer soil hydrology (Choisnel scheme) and old snow scheme were removed in r5454 and r5470 respectively, and are also absent from subsequent model versions including tag2.1.
  • tag 2.1: based on trunk r5628 + bugs corrections, possibility to run with Dynamico, several updates of the libIGCM configurations + updates for jean-zay and irene-amd BUT the correction for downregulation that was implemented in tag2.0 has not been implemented in tag 2.1! Complementary info and evaluations.
  • branch 2.2: based on r5716 of tag2.1 (03/12/2019), includes a fix for negative soil water and the correction for downregulation (as tag 2.0) and improvements for CO2 coupling with LMDZ by Patricia Cadule.
  • trunk: from r5639 onwards includes the nitrogen cycle (12/03/2018) and soil carbon discretization from MICT (r5738 and further).
  • branch 3.0: created from r6610 of the trunk to implement code changes required to reach milestone 3.0.
  • trunk-head: with r6614 milestone 4.0 was reached. Compared to previous versions of the trunk the following functionality was added: two-way albedo calculation, vertical and horizontal discretization of the canopy, hydraulic plant architecture, stand density, anthropogenic and natural dynamics of stand density, and mass balance closure for carbon and nitrogen (03/06/2020). Current functionality is described here (with a focus on the new functionality).The TRUNK FORCE is currently working towards the objectives described in svn milestone 4.1. More detailed test results for r6616 and further are stored here.

Question: were all bugs corrected in the trunk since the start of tag2.0 propagated in branch 2_2? and vice-versa?

Current branches on the ORCHIDEE SVN server

Name of the branch Person in charge Status* Wiki page Description Latest revision
Assimilation P. Maugis active Assimilation Work on ORCHIDEE version developed for assimilation system
Fluorescence F. Maignan active Fluorescence Implementation of fluorescence processes following the SCOPE model
ORCHIDEE_2_2 J. Ghattas active Copy from tag ORCHIDEE_2_1 with some bug corrections and enhencements added
ORCHIDEE-CN-CAN S. Luyssaert merged ORCHIDEE-CN-CAN Nitrogen cycle and canopy structure. Branch integrated in the trunk starting from r6614
ORCHIDEE-CN-P D. Goll active ORCHIDEE-CNP Inclusion of the phosphorus cycle into ORCHIDEE-CN.
ORCHIDEE_GW A. Ducharne active Developments to get a coupling between groundwater and soil moisture in a "wetland" tile branch
ORCHIDEE-ICE F. Maignan active Develompent for nobio-ice
ORCHIDEE-IPSLCM5A2.1 A. Cozic active ORCHIDEE-IPSLCM5A2 To be used with the coupled model IPSLCM5A2
ORCHIDEE-LAK C. Ottle active ORCHIDEE-LAK Lake developments
ORCHIDEE-MEB C. Ottle active ORCHIDEE-MEB Multi enery budget in trunk version
ORCHIDEE-MICT F. Maignan active ORCHIDEE-MICT-IMBALANCE-P High latitude processes + P cycle
ORCHIDEE-ROUTING J. Polcher active ORCHIDEE-ROUTING see also Development for the routing scheme
ORCHIDEE-SOM B. Guenet active ORCHIDEE-SOM Work on the Organic Soil Carbon.
ORCHIDEE-SP-MIP A. Ducharne stand by Work integrated directly in the trunk ?
ORCHIDEE-BCOV A. Cozic/J. Lathiere stand by ORCHIDEE and LMDzINCA couplingCoupling between ORCHIDEE and the chemistry-transport model LMDzINCA for biogenic emissions and vegetation distribution
orchidee_FM stand by ORCHIDEE-FMWork on a new Forestry and isotope model of Valentin Belassem and Thomas Eglin. Functionality has been integrated in ORCHIDEE-DOFOCO, ORCHIDEE-CN-CAN and eventually the trunk
ORCHIDEE-TROPICS stand by ORCHIDEE-TROPICS Inclusion of the different developements done on the tropics.
ORCHIDEE-DOFOCO S. Luyssaert merged ORCHIDEE-CN-CAN Work of this branch is integrated in newer branch ORCHIDEE-CN-CAN
ORCHIDEE-CN N. Vuichard merged ORCHIDEE-CN Version with N cycle. Branch integrated in the trunk rev 5639
ORCHIDEE-CN_CONFIG N. Vuichard merged ORCHIDEE-CN ORCHIDEE_OL corresponding to branch. Branch integrated in the trunk rev 5639
ORCHIDEE-DYNAMICOXIOS Y. Merudesoif merged Developements for coupling to LMDZ-DYNAMICO and running on unstructured grid. Integrated in the trunk rev 5364
ORCHIDEE-DRIVER J. Polcher merged Including 1) a new offline driver without prerequiries, 2) a new driver to be used with OASIS and 3) enhancement to run with different type of grid as for WRF
Hydrology merged MergeHydroWork on the merge between LMD version and version
Photosynthesis N. Vuichard merged Photosynthesis Work on the photosynthesis scheme of ORCHIDEE.
ORCHIDEE_NEW_PHENO N. Vuichard merged ORCHIDEE-NEWPHENO Work on new phenology, personal version
DOC merged Scientific documentation
Spinup_analytic N. Vuichard merged+closed Acceleration of the SpinupWork on acceleration of the spin-up [1132]
OpenMP2 A. Cozic merged
ORCHIDEE-CNP D. Goll stopped Inclusion of the phosphorus cycle into MERGE-OCN.
MERGE-OCN N. Vuichard stopped MERGE-OCN Inclusion of the nitrogen cycle into ORCHIDEE - First version.
orchidee_N stopped Old version of OCN
ORCHIDEE_HIGH_LAT dead end ORCHIDEE-HIGH-LATITUDESVersion of ORCHIDEE developed for studies on high latitudes areas and wetlands
OpenMP dead end
Restruct_Stomate dead end

*status :

  • active: work currently on going
  • stand by: work temporary stopped
  • merged: development added in the trunk
  • dead end: work on the branch is stopped and will not go into the trunk
  • closed: the branch is closed

On-going developments without a specific branch

Wiki page Person in charge Status Description
Multi-tiling collective work active Implementation of multi-tiling developments in ORCHIDEE
DGVM collective work active
SNOW collective work active
ORCHIDEE-BRIC J. Lathiere active Inclusion of reactive compound emissions from vegetation: biogenic VOCs and NOx
Xios J. Ghattas merged Using XIOS as output library
SoilDepthSpatialization dead end Spatialization of the soil depth
CarbonMassBalance Check for mass balance closure
Isotopes C. Risi Work on inclusion of isotopes and tracers into ORCHIDEE
ORCHIDEE-OzoneImpact Inclusion of the impact of atmospheric chemical composition on vegetation, starting with ozone
ORCHIDEE-Direct-Diffus Discussion on how to have a unique scheme for Direct - Diffuse light
ORCHIDEE-spinup-Machine-Learning D. Goll active (started in 2021) Implementation of a Machine Learning approach to solve the spin up
ORCHIDEE-HydraulicArch J. Aleon active Improvement of the initial hydraulic architecture implemented in the CAN version
ORCHIDEE-lateraltransfer N. Vuichard P. Regnier active Merge of the different developments including lateral transfers of C/N/P compounds
ORCHIDEE-Peat-trunk C. Qiu, E. Salmon, C. Ottle, A. Ducharne, P. Peylin, P. Ciais, B. Guenet. active Merge of the different developments including peat and N
French Configuration Sebastiaan, Guillaume Marie, Agnès, Philippe P, Jan, Nicolas Viovy active ORCHIDEE-offline with SAFRAN forcing

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