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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#637 big bugs on ORCA025 and ORCA12 grid on the north pole cbricaud Bug normal Unscheduled OCE
#645 Pb in lib_mpp for nbondj = 2 rblod Bug normal Unscheduled OCE
#647 OBC in NEMO3.2 nemo Bug normal OCE
#660 bug in NP folding for wind-stress in coupled mode smasson Bug normal OCE
#662 Improving sbccpl to cope with multiple ice categories charris Task normal OCE
#663 OPA modified Leap-Frog Robert-Asselin filter (MLF) gurvan Madec & Matthieu Leclair Enhancement normal OCE
#664 Merge TRA-TRC cetlod Task normal OCE
#665 Revisit of mass heat and salt fluxes between ocean, ice and atmosphere gm, yka and matt Enhancement normal OCE
#682 bug in diaar5 nemo Bug normal OCE
#707 obcdyn_bt is asking for an unknown module nemo Bug normal OCE
#708 unset index in obcfla nemo Bug normal OCE
#720 OPA vertical z_tilde coordinate Matthieu Leclair & Gurvan Madec Enhancement normal OCE
#751 cleaning/debug of fldread nemo Bug normal OCE
#779 v33b: bugs in libmpp nemo Bug normal OCE
#781 Reopening of Ticket #777? nemo Bug normal OCE
#782 domzgr with minimum depth in level nemo Bug normal OCE
#785 Dynamic memory Andy Porter Task normal OCE
#786 meridional bottom friction nemo Bug normal OCE
#811 Barotropic trend in dynnxt nemo Bug normal OCE
#812 dynspg_ts again nemo Bug normal OCE
#816 advection schemes and dynamic memory nemo Bug normal OCE
#817 LIM3 is not compiling and not running in v3_2_2 and v3_3_1 nemo Bug normal LIM3
#818 bug in obcdta.F90 nemo Bug normal OCE
#827 AGRIF SSH artifical outliers in the base model ebehrens Bug normal AGRIF
#829 Improvement of dynamic memory rblod Task normal OCE
#831 ghost line not passed across processors in SUBROUTINE zgr_sco of domzgr.F90 acc Bug normal OCE
#832 Missing brackets in volume filter correction calculation when computing before scale factor at u/v points (key_vvl) acc Bug normal OCE
#840 pathy outputfiles with 1 daily write frequence velocity fields in NEST only nemo Bug normal AGRIF
#848 agrif with sea-ice rblod Task normal AGRIF
#856 Enhanced initialization for LIM3 vancop Enhancement normal LIM3
#857 Restarting when using BDY in 3.3.1 nemo Bug normal OCE
#858 Bug in thermal conductivity computation for Pringle version vancop Bug normal LIM3
#865 New Coastal Ocean configuration as a standard configuration deazer Enhancement normal OCE
#866 Create a new branch for Horizontal Pressure Gradient scheme nemo Task normal OCE
#867 Create a new branch for Mixed Implicit Explicit bottom friction nemo Task normal OCE
#868 Create a new branch for PPM advection nemo Task normal OCE
#870 Developments to BDY in preparation for OBC-BDY merge davestorkey Enhancement normal OCE
#878 nn_etau =2 with nla10, nlb10 nemo Defect normal OCE
#879 Created dev_INGV 2011 merge branch poddo Task normal OCE
#886 switching to traldf_hor gives unphysical results in GYRE configuration nemo Bug normal OCE
#893 Is it possible to run ORCA05 with KPP closure scheme and MPI? nemo Defect normal Unscheduled OCE
#899 trasbc with key_vvl nemo Bug normal OCE
#921 agrif in 3_4_beta nemo Bug normal OCE
#940 Uninitialized flag for rotation in structure FLD of fld_read smasson Bug normal OCE
#956 problem in NEMO1D if bathy file is read rbourdal Bug normal C1D
#959 UKMO developments for OBC-BDY merge (UKMO 3 and 4) davestorkey Enhancement normal OCE
#961 Compilation with external complex BGC models (BFM) vichi Task normal TOP
#972 New branch for the merge of PISCES & LOBSTER nemo Task normal OCE
#974 New IOSERVER nemo Task normal OCE
#981 pointer association in wkr_nemo.F90 breaks with ifort nemo Bug normal OCE
#982 mpp_sum call with complex argument nemo Bug normal OCE
#988 Create a branch for Wetting/Drying (2012) hliu Task normal OCE
#997 Heat flux arrays not initialised in LIM3 vancop Bug normal LIM3
#1003 UKMO merge branch rfurner Task normal OCE
#1029 agrif and obc rblod Bug normal OCE
#1040 NaNs originating in sbcdcy (diurnal cycle) at some points in space and time nemo Bug normal OCE
#1048 some multiplications by rn_pfac are missing in qns computation in sbcblk_core cbricaud Bug normal OCE
#1053 Bug in UBS for tracers gm Bug normal OCE
#1054 Artificial ice source in limupdate.F90 nemo Bug normal LIM3
#1058 pb with ln_loglayer and minimum background coefficient hliu Bug normal OCE
#1090 Completion of OBC BDY merge (MetOffice-1, MetOffice-2 and MERCATOR-6) davestorkey Enhancement normal OCE
#1094 lim_wri should not be called with key_iomput defined gm Bug normal LIM3
#1103 mask send to IOM is wrong (ln_mskland=TRUE) nemo Bug normal Unscheduled OCE
#1104 ASM code doesn't compile with key_cice nemo Defect normal OCE
#1133 Compatibility between bdy and Agrif nemo Defect normal AGRIF
#1142 Floating invalid in PISCES/P4Z/p4zlys.F90 nemo Defect normal OCE
#1143 2013 development branch for CMCC-6: boundary conditions in TOP vichi Task normal TOP
#1146 flread loses information in the 69th year of run nemo Defect normal OFF
#1148 UKMO developments of OBS and ASM djlea Enhancement normal OCE
#1150 2013 Development Branch for CMCC: North Fold Optimization epico Task normal OCE
#1158 NOC Development branch: Wetting and Drying hliu Task normal OCE
#1164 bug in p4zsed when substepping is activated cbricaud Bug normal TOP
#1172 UKMO 2013 merge rfurner Task normal OCE
#1186 declaration of a global size array in OBS/mpp_map.F90 timgraham Bug normal OCE
#1189 remove OBC module davestorkey Task normal Unscheduled OCE
#1201 Monthly Interpolation Incorrect in fldread.F90 jamesharle Bug normal OCE
#1205 Uninitialised allocatables in LIM3 vancop Bug normal LIM3
#1206 Typo in sbccpl.F90? nemo Bug normal OCE
#1207 Typo in sbccpl.F90? nemo Bug normal OCE
#1209 Time splitting + key_vvl: Call to wzv prior vertical scale factor update nemo Bug normal OCE
#1211 Bug, variables e3t_n, dept_n and e3tdef not defined in field_def files nemo Bug normal OCE
#1212 Bug in UBS (dynamic) & partial cells gm Bug normal OCE
#1214 Division by zero in lim_itd_me_ridgeprep (LIM3) vancop Bug normal LIM3
#1218 Diawri and vvl outputting nemo Bug normal OCE
#1227 Issues with vvl initialization nemo Bug normal OCE
#1232 Misplaced update of time varying lateral diffusion for time splitting rfurner & jchanut Bug normal OCE
#1234 fse3t not defined over all points nemo Bug normal OCE
#1245 Memory leak during tangent-linear and adjoint time steps pabouttier Bug normal TAM
#1246 Bug in TOP_SRC/TRP/trdmld_trc.F90 Allocation problem. nemo Bug normal TOP
#1253 problem with reading mesh_mask in OFF_SRC vichi Bug normal OFF
#1260 dev CNRS-0 & NOC-1 --- lateral diffusion (LDF): simplification and improvements gm Task normal OCE
#1287 ze3f not initialized after allocation in vor_een ( dynvor.F90) nemo Bug normal OCE
#1294 dev CNRS-1 & CNRS-10 --- TEOS10 and Energy diag. nemo Task normal OCE
#1303 Sea ice (melting/freezing) water flux for biogeochemical tracers in trcsbc.F90 cetlod Defect normal OCE
#1339 dynadv_ubs.F90 : problem with lateral boundary condition in version 3.6 (with bugfix) gm Bug normal OCE
#1345 Bug sbcblk_core.F90: routines TURB_CORE_*Z in version 3.6 and earlier nemo Bug normal OCE
#1352 new version of LIM3 in NEMO3.6 nemo Enhancement normal LIM3
#1371 Uninitalised variables in diaobs.F90 nemo Bug normal Unscheduled OCE
#1375 degradation of North Atlantic solution in ORCA025 at 3.6 nemo Defect normal OCE
#1376 AGRIF does not run with north fold mocavero Bug normal 2015 WP AGRIF
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