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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#257 mpp_init_ioipsl sets incorrect halo attributes for mean files if jpnij .ne. jpni*jpnj nemo Bug low OCE
#259 compilation error when using -C debug (NEC) du to missing subroutines in dummy modules trdmld_trc.F90 nemo Bug low TOP
#260 add compilation options for NEC platforms nemo Task low OCE
#261 AGRIF syntax problem with allocation of FLD arrays nemo Bug low AGRIF
#262 missing definition of PAT_NAMECF in job_ZAGRIF.ksh for NVTK nemo Bug low OCE
#265 possible bug in daymod module relating to multi-year runs nemo Bug low OCE
#266 Reading monthly data in SBC. nemo Bug low OCE
#267 Viewing files under the "Browse Source" command on the wiki seems to be forbidden nemo Bug low env
#268 Reading pre-V3 restart files. nemo Bug low OCE
#271 Problem with lib_mpp.F90 using mpi_bsend with F95 compilers. nemo Defect low OCE
#273 Generating the file in tradmp.F90 issue. nemo Defect low OCE
#278 Bug fix in increased vertical diffusion in the vicinity of river mouths (step.F90) nemo Bug low OCE
#279 Submission of Interpolation on the Fly code for inclusion in the trunk nemo Enhancement low OCE
#280 Restartability problem in time splitting case nemo Bug low OCE
#281 Stable discretization of the production term in zdftke.F90 nemo Bug low OCE
#282 add steven correction for the Appendix nemo Enhancement low Documentation doc
#283 Add steven corrections + gm for the Chapters nemo Bug low Documentation doc
#284 phase the namelist with NEMO v3 + update the references & figures nemo Bug low Documentation doc
#285 Heat transfer coefficient in CLIO formulation nemo Bug low OCE
#289 ORCA-LIM2 segmentation fault with ln_ctl = true nemo Bug low OCE
#291 Question about the surface boundary condition for the mixing length ctlod Bug low OCE
#293 Compilation problems when using TOP and AGRIF nemo Bug low TOP
#297 update modules of sediment model to take into account minor modifications nemo Enhancement low TOP
#298 add a new C14 bomb tracer nemo Task low TOP
#299 TOP model : minor modifications nemo Enhancement low TOP
#300 Add a namelist parameter to use or not the trcrad routine cetlod Bug low TOP
#301 minor modifications in TOP transport model nemo Enhancement low TOP
#303 clean TOP model routines to avoid warning when compiling nemo Enhancement low TOP
#304 fait_AA_make nemo Enhancement low env
#305 update Gibraltar, Bab El Mandeb and Sound straits as the input bathymetry for ORCA2_LIM (both in z & partial steps ones) nemo Enhancement low OCE
#306 update BB_make files for each configurations nemo Enhancement low env
#307 take into account new bathymetries (full & partial steps) in ORCA2_LIM & ORCA2_LIM_PISCES configurations, see ticket: #305 nemo Enhancement low env
#308 add the bicubic interpolation on wind components (namsbc_core) when using the Interpolation On the Fly package as template nemo Enhancement low OCE
#310 unsuppressed keys in TOP advection routines cetlod Bug low TOP
#311 LIM3 bug nemo Bug low LIM3
#313 Name of passive tracer restart file in the namelist nemo Enhancement low TOP
#314 wrong name of trends output file : key_trdmld, key_trmld_trc cetlod Bug low OCE
#316 PISCES model : Bug in computation of PH at the first time step nemo Bug low TOP
#317 flag to allow or not damping of passive tracers nemo Enhancement low TOP
#318 PISCES model : change the computation of xnegtr nemo Enhancement low TOP
#319 open files with subroutine ctlopn in sediment model nemo Enhancement low TOP
#320 update modules nemo Enhancement low OFF
#322 add a parmeter in namelist to drive diawri mask operation nemo Enhancement low OCE
#323 Bug in sbcssr.F90 when adding a damping term on emp & emps (nn_sssr=2) nemo Bug low OCE
#324 bug in fldread when reading the last record of previous year file with monthly non-climatological file nemo Bug low OCE
#325 update NVTK scripts to IBM SP6 named aix6 (IDRIS center) and for the nemo_v3_1 new release nemo Enhancement low env
#327 bug in computation of some diag. in PISCES model ( mpi case ) nemo Bug low TOP
#328 vertical velocity and key_vvl nemo Bug low OCE
#331 No bottom friction if mbathy=2 nemo Bug low OCE
#332 Mistake in comment in nam_dynvor nemo Bug low OCE
#333 namelist is not coherent with nemo_v3_1_beta nemo Bug low OCE
#334 typo errors sbccpl nemo Bug low OCE
#335 fixe reference date in outputs nemo Enhancement low OCE
#336 use 1M instead 5D in nemo.card and lim2.card for libIGCM monitoring & Atlas nemo Bug low env
#337 partial cells and vvl nemo Enhancement low OCE
#339 monthly outputs with monthly jobs nemo Enhancement low OCE
#340 supress useless call to histsync nemo Enhancement low OCE
#341 Interpolation on the fly with AGRIF nemo Enhancement low AGRIF
#342 wrong computation of the heat contain nemo Bug low OCE
#343 no more runoff in outputs... nemo Bug low OCE
#344 add comments and the update step of SRC_FILE_LIST file under CONFIG_NAME/WORK directory nemo Enhancement low env
#345 add missing "USE daymod" statement into oce_trc nemo Bug low TOP
#347 computation horizontal derivative of density in dtadyn.F90 nemo Bug low OFF
#348 update IOM and lib_mpp modules nemo Enhancement low OFF
#349 rewrite the offline opa.F90 module nemo Enhancement low OFF
#350 suppression of useless CPP key key_mpp_omp nemo Enhancement low OFF
#351 initialisation of local variable in domrea.F90 nemo Enhancement low OFF
#353 add the - P stack compilation option on mercure machine ( CCRT center NEC-SX8 ) nemo Enhancement low env
#356 eosbn2: should we update the equation of state ? gm Enhancement low OCE
#357 Attribute positive='down' for vertical axis to follow CF convention. nemo Bug low OCE
#358 use ${BATCH_NUM_PROC_TOT} variable name to launch MPI jobs, 1M default value to perform model outputs nemo Enhancement low env
#359 cleaning of calendar variables nemo Enhancement low OCE
#360 numrnf not defined in flxrnf.F90 nemo Bug low OCE
#361 Proposal for diaptr nemo Bug low OCE
#362 clean variables list in nemo.card to monitor nemo Enhancement low env
#364 wrong sign in lbc_lnk for gradients in limadv.F90 nemo Bug low LIM3
#366 sbot_min not properly used in hybrid coordinate option (zgr_sco module in domzgr) nemo Bug low OCE
#367 AGRIF and "down" constant in histvert calls nemo Bug low AGRIF
#368 bug in calendar of lim and top outputs smasson Bug low OCE
#369 Restart module writes restart files twice nemo Bug low OCE
#370 add the initialisation of kiomid ID pvariable to -1 value in iom_open subroutine of iom.F90 nemo Bug low OCE
#371 Mixed laplacian and bilaplacian operators nemo Enhancement low OCE
#374 Addition of clobber and chunksize when opening NetCDF files smasson Enhancement low OCE
#377 SBC fldread additions smasson Enhancement low OCE
#378 Addition of a new vertical coordinate system - hybrid s-sigma levels nemo Enhancement low OCE
#379 clean lib_mpp nemo Enhancement low OCE
#380 arrays out of bound (key_vectopt_loop) nemo Bug low LIM2
#383 Bug in computation of initial calendar nemo Bug low OFF
#384 Minor bug in PISCES/p4zprod.F90 module nemo Bug low TOP
#385 update AA_job to take into account the NEC SX8 "mercure" of the french CCRT center nemo Enhancement low env
#386 Adding TOP reference configurations in NVTK nemo Enhancement low env
#388 bound the salt exchange at the Ice/Ocean interface in the Baltic Sea nemo Bug low LIM2
#391 update nemo.card, nemo.driver and config.card scripts for ORCA2_LIM nemo Enhancement low env
#392 change names for nemo driver and card into opa9 nemo Enhancement low OCE
#393 Adding a new target platform nemo Enhancement low env
#395 change ORCA prefix, of variables in gyre.card and gyre.driver, in OPA prefix nemo Enhancement low OCE
#396 Add a first guess of ORCA2_LIM_PISCES configuration in libIGCM nemo Enhancement low env
#399 e3f in dynvor_een nemo Bug low OCE
#401 stability test in zdfevd nemo Enhancement low OCE
#402 Some cleaning in VVL nemo Enhancement low OCE
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