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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#773 bugs in nesting tools nemo Bug low AGRIF
#774 Improve TOP & OFF components in v3.3beta nemo Enhancement low TOP
#775 bug in multi-year outputs frequency nemo Bug low OCE
#776 Changes to enable correct ioserver organisation when jpni*jpnj /= jpnij nemo Task low OCE
#777 backward compatibility with deepest level nemo Defect low OCE
#778 choice of vertical physic in trczdf nemo Bug low OCE
#780 zdfgls: error in bottom friction formulation nemo Bug low OCE
#790 v3.3 beta: small bug in changeset 2370 (ice-ocean stress computed at each kt) nemo Bug low LIM2
#791 rename nwritedia to nn_writedia nemo Bug low TOP
#793 Salinity & Temperature transport in diaptr.F90 when using Gent & Mc Williams parameterization nemo Bug low OCE
#794 Compilation fails for mod_mpi_buffer_client (XMLIO_SERVER) nemo Bug low OCE
#795 limwri_2.F90: wrong average for EVP (NEMO_3.3) nemo Bug low LIM2
#796 enhancement for SETTE and makenemo option Fdel_key nemo Enhancement low env
#797 should not open existing file in writing mode nemo Bug low OCE
#798 few bugfixes in OPA_TAM 3.0 Bug low TAM
#799 small conductivity bug dupontf Bug low LIM3
#800 bug in tra_zdf_imp.F90 cetlod Bug low OCE
#801 bad sed in add_key option of makenemo nemo Defect low env
#802 Build process assumes creation of .mod files. Fails with Cray compiler. nemo Defect low tools
#803 Missing dummy routine in ldfslp.F90 acc Bug low OCE
#804 limdmp_2 probable bug nemo Bug low LIM2
#806 in cpp_POMME.fcm there is one empty line nemo Defect low env
#807 ASSIM: bug in sshwzv.F90 wrong place for ssha update in vvl case gm Bug low Unscheduled OCE
#809 obcdta.F90 index nemo Bug low OCE
#813 New development branch for STFC optimizations in dCSE NEMO project spickles Task low OCE
#814 bug with work_2d_xx in sbcblk_core.F90 when ln_2m=true cbricaud Bug low OCE
#815 uses of dynamical memory in fldread nemo Defect low OCE
#819 problems during the setting of the values of namelist in case of re-running of SETTE tests. nemo Defect low env
#820 Minor modifications on zdfmxl.F90 in order to be used when running in OFFLINE mode nemo Defect low OCE
#821 Sediment mode does not work with nemo_v3_3 nemo Bug low TOP
#822 Compilation fails with OFFLINE when key_ldfslp is not activated nemo Bug low OFF
#823 OFFLINE: bug in bbl diffusive coefficient nemo Bug low OFF
#824 Module m_path (XMLF90) is duplicated in two files nemo Defect low env
#825 incompatibility between iomserver and intrinsic functions pack/unpack nemo Bug low OCE
#826 missing some output files created with iom nemo Bug low OCE
#830 Minor bug in PISCES/p4zsed.F90 nemo Bug low TOP
#833 bug when computing basin average properties for tracers nemo Bug low OCE
#834 runoff in the depth nemo Bug low OCE
#835 no dffusion option nemo Bug low OCE
#837 wrong name of some output files nemo Bug low Unscheduled OCE
#838 Create new branch for 2011 developments on Griffies operator (NOCS) acc Task low OCE
#839 Character limit too small in sbcrnf nemo Defect low OCE
#841 NEMO/OFFLINE : The model does not work when ln_zco is activated nemo Bug low OFF
#842 Create a branch for 2011 developments on merge TRA/TRP transport routines nemo Task low OCE
#843 New Branch for 2011 development NOCS.10: Neptune effect acc Task low OCE
#844 new branch for 2011 developments: MERCATOR.2 — Tidal harmonic package olegalloudec Task low OCE
#845 new branch for 2011 developments: MERCATOR.3 — Tidal potential Olivier Le Galloudec Task low OCE
#850 Created branch dev_r2784_INGV2_bulk to implement a new set bulk formula poddo Task low OCE
#851 New branch dev_r2802_INGV4_zdfRic to implement a modified version of the Richardson number vertical mixing scheme poddo Task low OCE
#853 Create a branch for 2011 developments on OFFLINE data read with fldread nemo Task low OFF
#854 Create a branch for 2011 developments on PISCES improvment nemo Task low TOP
#855 Update substepping for TOP routines to VN 3.3.1 cetlod Bug low TOP
#859 new branch for 2011 development: MERCATOR 9 - Lagrangian Floats Module improvments cbricaud Task low OCE
#860 Unallocated arrays qrp and erp sometimes passed from dia_wri to histwrite gm Bug low OCE
#862 LIM2 VP/EVP initialisation and allocation corrections acc Bug low OCE
#863 Implement z_tilde vertical coordinate nemo Task low OCE
#864 MERCATOR.10 — Online computing of transport across sections ¶ cbricaud Task low OCE
#869 Add obstools and update documentation for OBS and ASM rblod Enhancement low OCE
#871 Add faster rebuild to NEMO/TOOLS respository rblod Enhancement low Unscheduled OCE
#873 bug in diaptr nemo Bug low OCE
#874 New branch for the merge of all NOC 2011 developments acc Task low OCE
#875 Bug in ORCA1 configuration. nemo Bug low OCE
#876 Submission of dev_CMCC4_con 2011 merge branch dobricic Task low OCE
#877 Branch for all LOCEAN 2011 developments nemo Task low OCE
#880 ctl_stop doesn't stop execution when code not built with key_mpp_mpi defined. nemo Defect low OCE
#881 Creation of dev_CMCC 2011 merge branch vichi Task low OCE
#882 Bug in z index in ldf_slp_mxl() in ldfslp.F90 nemo Bug low OCE
#883 MERCATOR_2011_MERGE nemo Bug low OCE
#885 merge of UKMO 2011 branches rfurner Task low OCE
#887 merge of LOCEAN and CMCC 2011 branches nemo Task low OCE
#889 2011 merge INGV and MERCATOR nemo Task low OCE
#890 Merging NOC and UKMO 2011 developments acc Task low OCE
#891 merge of LOCEAN/CMCC and INGV/MERCATOR 2011 branches nemo Task low OCE
#892 Final branch for 2011 developments nemo Task low OCE
#894 improving makenemo nemo Enhancement low env
#895 remove POMME configuration nemo Defect low env
#897 Bug freshwater flux vancop Bug low LIM3
#898 Latent heat flux capping in LIM3 vancop Bug low LIM3
#900 Bug in OBC when performing multi year runs (obcdta.F90) nemo Bug low OCE
#901 diaharm cbricaud Bug low Unscheduled OCE
#902 Bug in new dynamic memory handling in NEMOGCM/NEMO/LIM_SRC_2/limrhg_2.F90, nemo Bug low OCE
#903 change value of rau0 ( in case of linear equation of state ) gm Defect low OCE
#904 3.4beta : dom_zgr, wrong output to numout nemo Bug low OCE
#905 3.4beta : sbc_apr Namelist parameter ln_apr_obc cbricaud Defect low OCE
#906 3.4beta : Bug in dtatsd.F90 : ierr1 and ierr3 not initialized nemo Bug low OCE
#907 3.4beta : limwri_dimg.h90 rcmoy not initialized molines Bug low OCE
#908 3.4beta : compilation with key_lim2 && key_lim2_vp nemo Bug low OCE
#909 3.4beta : key_ice_lim2 and key_lim2 ... nemo Defect low OCE
#910 Cannot download Nemo cod nemo Bug low doc
#911 typo in BDY nemo Defect low OCE
#912 diaptr_init and timing nemo Bug low OCE
#913 vvl not running in pure zco nemo Bug low OCE
#914 3.4beta: compilation without key_ldfslp fails (traldf_iso_grif) nemo Bug low OCE
#915 3.4beta : sbcana : some variables are unititialized after restart. nemo Bug low OCE
#916 3.4beta : trcdia.F90 kindinc not initialized nemo Bug low TOP
#917 bug for the variable psi in zdfgls.F90 cbricaud Bug low OCE
#918 zdf restart issue nemo Bug low OCE
#919 array out of bound in diafwb nemo Bug low OCE
#920 mpp_rep without key_mpp_mpi nemo Defect low OCE
#922 bug in the computation of the south boundary indexes using the bdy package cbricaud Bug low OCE
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