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Ticket Summary Component Version Type Reporter Owner Status Created
#1986 Upgrade surge code to NEMO4 to use wetting and drying OPA Enhancement clne clne assigned 2017-11-28
#1217 NEMO AGRIF WORKING GROUP AGRIF Task jchanut jchanut assigned 2014-01-16

release-3.4 (4 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Reporter Owner Status Created
#1362 missing bits in dynzdf_imp_tam TAM release-3.4 Bug avidard pabouttier reopened 2014-07-10
#1443 The trajectory at the before time level seems to be incorrectly set during adjoint time steps TAM release-3.4 Bug sam pabouttier reopened 2015-01-23
#1738 Fixed selection of the surface boundary condition in module 'sbcmod_tam' TAM release-3.4 Bug sam new 2016-06-08
#1876 Missing initialisation of array 'rnf_b'; river runoff not taken into account in the reconstruction of the nonlinear trajectory TAM release-3.4 Bug sam new 2017-03-28

release-3.6 (60 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Reporter Owner Status Created
#1584 utrd_zdf and vtrd_zdf are velocities minus momentum trends OPA release-3.6 Bug chrenkl gm assigned 2015-07-28
#1723 diags KE with time_splitting OPA release-3.6 Bug julienjouanno gm assigned 2016-05-02
#1905 Asselin filtering of tracers in tranxt.F90 with VVL and lk_dynspg_ts.AND.ln_bt_fw==.true. incorrectly assumes that e3t will be Asselin filtered OPA release-3.6 Bug agn agn assigned 2017-05-31
#1753 Fix ssh incrementation in VVL code (Met Office) OPA release-3.6 Defect drew drew new 2016-06-29
#1785 reproductibility with tke / dependence on the number of subdomains OPA release-3.6 Bug julienjouanno rbourdal assigned 2016-10-19
#1857 ssh=0 in the corners with BDY OPA release-3.6 Bug clem gmattia assigned 2017-03-03
#1870 NESTING TOOLS AGRIF create restart files AGRIF release-3.6 Bug jharlass sciliberti assigned 2017-03-20
#1871 NESTING TOOLS AGRIF read mbathy and NOT bathy_level for agrif_create_restart AGRIF release-3.6 Bug jharlass sciliberti assigned 2017-03-21
#1973 Floating invalid in limvar.f90 and limthd_dh.f90 LIM3 release-3.6 Bug mcastril vancop assigned 2017-11-10
#1984 Error in the online momentum trend diagnostic OPA release-3.6 Bug Robin_Waldman gm assigned 2017-11-28
#1600 memory leaks in NEMO3.6 stable OPA release-3.6 Defect clem mocavero assigned 2015-09-21
#1967 Noise on vertical velocities when using UBS momemtum advection scheme OPA release-3.6 Defect ctlod gm assigned 2017-10-18
#1791 Vertical scale factor interpolation with key_vvl OPA release-3.6 Enhancement jchanut greffray assigned 2016-11-07
#1868 couple NEMO and CICE with OASIS OPA release-3.6 Enhancement andmirek andmirek assigned 2017-03-16
#1426 ROBUST-1 /MERCATOR-6 online coarsening OPA release-3.6 Task cbricaud cbricaud assigned 2015-01-05
#1629 Documentation of v3.6 STABLE OPA release-3.6 Task gm all new 2015-11-16
#1180 Bottom grid points with unrealistically cold temperature in ORCA2_LIM OPA release-3.6 Bug fabien.roquet gm reopened 2013-11-15
#1582 SETTE test failed with debug compilation options OPA release-3.6 Bug mathiot mdrudi assigned 2015-07-21
#1595 ICB: various minor questions/bugs (icbclv and icbstp) OPA release-3.6 Bug mathiot mathiot assigned 2015-09-11
#1623 No volume conservation for BDY with vvl and dynspg_ts OPA release-3.6 Bug joakim davestorkey assigned 2015-11-05
#1690 unallocated array hit when using bdy + LIM2 OPA release-3.6 Bug molines vancop assigned 2016-03-04
#1734 bug in bdyini : straight BDY only works with rim width of 1 OPA release-3.6 Bug molines jamesharle assigned 2016-05-27
#1796 CICE interface modification for initial CICE output OPA release-3.6 Bug dupontf timgraham assigned 2016-11-18
#1867 Volume control when using BDY and Time-splitting is not ready for use OPA release-3.6 Bug ctlod greffray assigned 2017-03-14
#1933 passive tracers trends TOP release-3.6 Bug jpalmier cetlod assigned 2017-08-23
#2004 minor bugs in tranxt for passive tracer trend diagnostics (v3.6 and trunk) OPA release-3.6 Bug gm cetlod assigned 2018-01-20
#2005 trend diagnostics: stripes in dispkevfo that look like processors limits OPA release-3.6 Bug deshayes gm assigned 2018-01-26
#2066 bug if eos10 and interactive melt activated OPA release-3.6 Bug mathiot mathiot assigned 2018-03-15
#2083 surface flux not masked: bug if isf cavity OPA release-3.6 Bug mathiot mathiot reopened 2018-05-10
#1512 Function cpl_freq not consistent with OASIS interface OPA release-3.6 Defect ufla jamrae assigned 2015-04-23
#1563 uninitialized variables OPA release-3.6 Defect rblod assigned 2015-07-06
#1602 Missing heat flux from Icebergs OPA release-3.6 Defect timgraham davestorkey assigned 2015-09-24
#1646 pit falls of choosing parameters in the F-S sigma code OPA release-3.6 Defect jamesharle jamesharle assigned 2015-12-03
#1710 Instability in results due to new compilation environment OPA release-3.6 Defect nicolasmartin mchekki assigned 2016-04-08
#1806 Validity of OPA-SAS coupled with OASIS OPA release-3.6 Defect emalod assigned 2016-11-29
#1856 Issues with zero-sized arrays with bdy OPA release-3.6 Defect jchanut rbourdal assigned 2017-03-02
#2051 Implementation of fresh water budget control for AGRIF configurations (here nn_fwb = 3 only) AGRIF release-3.6 Defect fschwarzkopf jchanut assigned 2018-02-26
#2064 ice velocity issues in AGRIF sponge layer with LIM2 VP AGRIF release-3.6 Defect torgemartin clem assigned 2018-03-06
#2068 Wrong namelist double diffusion mixing parameter name OPA release-3.6 Defect Robin_Waldman gm assigned 2018-03-26
#2073 Out of bounds of passive tracers when using PISCES or another SMS model together with CFC OPA release-3.6 Defect cetlod cetlod assigned 2018-04-04
#2078 cn_dir corrupts AGRIF input filenames OPA release-3.6 Defect fschwarzkopf reopened 2018-04-26
#1514 changes to dynvor for partial steps een option OPA release-3.6 Enhancement mikebell mikebell new 2015-04-30
#1572 diaar5 assumes inputs are on the model grid OPA release-3.6 Enhancement acc cetlod assigned 2015-07-08
#1579 Assumption initial conditions are on z-levels when ln_sco = .true. OPA release-3.6 Enhancement jamesharle jamesharle assigned 2015-07-17
#1653 Temporary branch tests POLCOMS like tidal analysis with restarts OPA release-3.6 Enhancement deazer deazer new 2015-12-16
#1668 Argument var_nodims when calling oasis3-mct_3.0 oasis_def_var routine OPA release-3.6 Enhancement valcke smasson assigned 2016-02-01
#1869 NESTING TOOLS AGRIF create restart files larger than 2GB (64bit_offset) AGRIF release-3.6 Enhancement jharlass sciliberti assigned 2017-03-16
#1872 NESTING TOOLS AGRIF read updated bathymetry for creating agrif restarts AGRIF release-3.6 Enhancement jharlass sciliberti assigned 2017-03-21
#1939 Add sorting of cfg.txt to makenemo Env. release-3.6 Enhancement mdunphy nicolasmartin assigned 2017-09-15
#2071 Allowing more flexibility with the sea surface restoring subroutine SBC release-3.6 Enhancement yruprich new 2018-03-27
#1428 2015 Met_Office_1 - Further updates to CICE interface OPA release-3.6 Task timgraham timgraham new 2015-01-07
#1487 Specific branch for melt ponds in LIM3 LIM3 release-3.6 Task vancop vancop assigned 2015-03-12
#1488 Specific branch for ice-atmosphere interface with LIM3 LIM3 release-3.6 Task vancop vancop assigned 2015-03-12
#1489 Specific branch for CMIP6 outputs LIM3 release-3.6 Task vancop vancop assigned 2015-03-12
#1494 LIM3 documentation LIM3 release-3.6 Task vancop vancop assigned 2015-03-17
#1775 Offline with vvl OFF release-3.6 Task cetlod cetlod assigned 2016-09-23
#1829 Changes to C06 for climate simulation and reanalysis OPA release-3.6 Task hadjt hadjt new 2017-01-16
#2023 PUBLI-01_cbricaud_CRS DOC release-3.6 Task cbricaud cbricaud assigned 2018-02-20
#2050 read namelists using single processor OPA release-3.6 Task andmirek andmirek assigned 2018-02-26
#2067 Open namelists in read only mode OPA release-3.6 Task andmirek andmirek assigned 2018-03-26

trunk (34 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Reporter Owner Status Created
#1972 Multiple compilation issues with key_top & key_agrif AGRIF trunk Bug jchanut jchanut assigned 2017-11-08
#1982 Met Office coupling system with "LIM3" LIM3 trunk Defect clem clem assigned 2017-11-22
#2012 INGV-01_CLementi_AddWaveDiag OPA trunk Enhancement emanuelaclementi emanuelaclementi new 2018-02-19
#1911 ENHANCE-04(2017WP) — FBS and RK3 time stepping OPA trunk Task gm gm new 2017-06-15
#1959 ENHANCE-02(2017WP)_Jerome_freesurface OPA trunk Task cbricaud jchanut assigned 2017-10-12
#2010 HPC-03_Mocavero_globcomm OPA trunk Task mocavero mocavero new 2018-02-18
#2013 VALID-09_Mattia_TestWave_MedSea OPA trunk Task emanuelaclementi gmattia assigned 2018-02-19
#2014 VALID-08_Drudi_Wave_ORCA2 OPA trunk Task mdrudi mdrudi new 2018-02-19
#2015 ENHANCE-11 Repository cleaning OPA trunk Task nicolasmartin nicolasmartin new 2018-02-19
#2017 AGRIF-03_jchanut-TOOLS AGRIF trunk Task jchanut jchanut new 2018-02-20
#2022 AGRIF-01(2017WP)_cbricaud-EWandNorthBC OPA trunk Task cbricaud cbricaud assigned 2018-02-20
#2024 VALID-01_cbricaud_HR OPA trunk Task cbricaud cbricaud assigned 2018-02-20
#2025 ROBUST-06_Andrew-reporting OPA trunk Task acc acc new 2018-02-20
#2026 VALID-10_GeorgeN-evalOSMOSIS OPA trunk Task acc agn new 2018-02-20
#2028 VALID-07_odea-AMM OPA trunk Task deazer deazer new 2018-02-23
#2029 SEAICE-01_topographic_meltponds OPA trunk Task vancop vancop assigned 2018-02-23
#2030 VALID-06_storkey_global validation of proto-NEMO 4.0 release in ORCA1, ORCA025 and ORCA12 Misc. trunk Task davestorkey davestorkey new 2018-02-23
#2031 AGRIF-02_crousset-LIM3 OPA trunk Task clevy clem new 2018-02-23
#2032 ROBUST-02_LIM3-doc OPA trunk Task clevy vancop new 2018-02-23
#2038 VALID-05_clevy_AGRIF OPA trunk Task clevy clevy new 2018-02-23
#2043 ENHANCE-06(2017WP)_Gurvan-Bulk_improvements OPA trunk Task gm gm new 2018-02-26
#2048 VALID-03_SFlavoni_global_configuration OPA trunk Task flavoni flavoni assigned 2018-02-26
#2049 VALID-04_SFlavoni_Overflow_Lock OPA trunk Task flavoni flavoni assigned 2018-02-26
#2052 ENHANCE-01_Romain-massfluxconvection OPA trunk Task rbourdal rbourdal assigned 2018-02-26
#2057 ROBUST-03_cethe_TOP_doc OPA trunk Task clevy cetlod new 2018-02-26
#2058 ROBUST-04_SFlavoni_usrdef_doc OPA trunk Task clevy flavoni new 2018-02-26
#2059 VALID-02_smasson_regional_agrif OPA trunk Task clevy smasson new 2018-02-26
#2060 VALID-11_cethe_TOP_Offline OPA trunk Task clevy cetlod new 2018-02-26
#2061 ROBUST-01_rbourdal_C1D OPA trunk Task clevy rbourdal new 2018-02-26
#2080 bug in z tilde? OPA trunk Bug davestorkey davestorkey assigned 2018-05-01
#2087 problems compiling reference config. C1D_PAPA in the trunk OPA trunk Bug clevy rbourdal assigned 2018-05-23
#1971 with new equation of state (TEOS10) input files in T and S need to be changed, according to the new equation of state (TEOS10) OPA trunk Defect flavoni clevy assigned 2017-11-06
#1877 Issues with NEMO tracer trends diagnostics to be used for CMIP6 OPA trunk Enhancement davestorkey davestorkey new 2017-03-30
#1975 Add test cases in SETTE list of tests (to be sure to update all MY_SRC routines during merge) Env. trunk Enhancement flavoni flavoni assigned 2017-11-13
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