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Ticket Summary Owner Type Status Priority Milestone
#18 correction of prepocessing syntax somebody Bug closed highest
#22 obcsurftot not initialized in obcini somebody Bug closed highest
#50 Compilation error in MPI related to the initrc.F90 module ctlod Bug closed highest
#80 Use ctlopen subroutine to open sea-ice namelist file nemo Bug closed highest
#148 call the routine sbc_ice_lim with the right arguments if key_lim3 not activated cetlod Bug closed highest
#181 local computation of freezing point in trcadv_cen2.F90 routine cetlod Bug closed highest
#199 sbcblk_core.F90 : division by 0 in blk_ice_core nemo Bug closed highest
#216 daymod reorganization nemo Bug closed highest
#218 fldread able to switch between several files nemo Bug closed highest
#219 new sbc namelist format nemo Enhancement closed highest
#242 Wrong air temperatures when using CORE and LIM3 ctlod Bug closed highest
#321 change the time step of PISCES run OFFLINE nemo Bug closed highest
#338 add shape=1000000 option required on NEC to be able to compile fldread.F90 module nemo Bug closed highest
#352 initialisation of local variables in trcldf_iso... modules nemo Bug closed highest
#418 dynspg.F90 and & nemo Bug closed highest
#467 missing declaration of rrau field in restart.F90 when not using double diffusive mixing nemo Bug closed highest
#537 xlsn not defined in coupled mode for LIM3 gm Bug closed highest
#597 control xml attributes from NEMO nemo Enhancement closed highest
#653 bad test if( llprev .AND. sdjf%num == 0 ) in fldread.F90 nemo Bug closed highest
#755 Compilation error due to modifications related to NetCDF4 chunking, See ticket #754 acc Bug closed highest
#872 sbcblk_clio.F90: bug in dynamic allocation. nemo Bug closed highest
#949 memory leak in limthd_dif nemo Bug closed highest
#1046 Compilation fails for NEMO v3.4.1 with LIM3 gm Bug closed highest
#1056 failed compilation with gfortran icb_oce.F90 dev_MERGE_2012 nemo Bug closed highest
#1134 Large drift & Non-conservation of tracers vichi Bug closed highest
#1141 Out of bounds in closea.F90/clo_rnf smasson Bug closed highest
#1222 Issues with fldread at 3.6 nemo Bug closed highest
#1236 Missing namelist variable in OFFLINE nemo Bug closed highest
#1293 compilation problem with LIM3 and key_vvl activated nemo Bug closed highest
#1337 Bug in bdytides.F90 nemo Bug closed highest
#1349 Bug in limrst.F90 nemo Bug closed highest
#1373 introduce forgotten "USE key_asminc" in DYN/dynspg_ts.F90 nemo Bug closed highest
#1411 LIM3 compiler error with gfortran (gcc48) in limdiahsb vancop Bug closed highest 2015 release-3.6
#1504 bug in trunk after revision 5140 nemo Bug closed highest 2015 release-3.6
#1508 LIM3 important bug fix (crash) nemo Bug closed highest
#1779 Compilation error when coupling with PISCES nemo Bug closed highest
#1799 NEMO 3.6_STABLE : lib_mpp compilation error with intel 17 and openmpi mchekki Bug closed highest
#16 correction of aggregation of small into large particles somebody Bug closed high
#66 missing continuation sign & in the computation of dqla_ice(:,:) in flx_core.h90 ctlod Bug closed high
#160 nemo trunk : CPP syntax error (ifort compiler) in various modules nemo Bug closed high
#209 Bug in domvvl : wrong e3u e3v and e3f scale factors + change name of mut to ee_t nemo Bug closed high
#212 daymod.F90 : bug in rsec_day computation ? nemo Bug closed high
#247 Pb with the use of indices ji+1,jj+1in limsbc_2.F90 subroutine ctlod Bug closed high
#264 missing allocation of fld structures in sbcblk_core.F90 rblod Bug closed high
#277 bug in fldread when reading the last record of previous year(month) file with non-climatological file nemo Bug closed high
#290 Problem with the reading of "&namicethd" in the namelist_ice file nemo Bug closed high
#326 Problem with the update of the runoff in sbcrnf.F90 nemo Bug closed high
#373 vertical velocity and key_vvl again nemo Bug closed high
#375 NEMO3.1 : fldread and Interpolation on the Fly nemo Bug closed high
#376 suppression of blank spaces when using supergrep command in gyre.driver nemo Bug closed high
#381 bugs in "subroutine zgr_sco" nemo Bug closed high
#382 bugs in "subroutine dom_vvl" nemo Bug closed high
#424 missing lbc_lnk in sbcmod nemo Bug closed high
#445 Performance of NEMO 3.1 nemo Bug closed high
#447 IOF and cutting along latitude nemo Bug closed high
#584 bug in definition of iodef.xml for GYRE's configuration nemo Bug closed high
#651 Bug in diadimg.F90 nemo Bug closed high
#652 obcrst.F90: not working in mpp nemo Bug closed high
#667 lbc_lnk on emp smasson Bug closed high
#688 OBC + AGRIF in nemo_v3_2_1: requires fixes nemo Bug closed high
#722 devukmo2010 creation somebody Task closed high
#748 dynspg_ts and vvl nemo Bug closed high
#753 compilation with AGRIF nemo Bug closed high
#761 Critical Error on IDRIS/IBM SP6 ( fortran compiler xlf version ? ) somebody Bug closed high
#762 BUG in wind stress over ice when NEC computer + CORE bulk formulae nemo Bug closed high
#783 domzgr follow-on nemo Bug closed high
#788 dupplicate code in obc_ini nemo Bug closed high
#810 model stops a few time steps before the end nemo Bug closed high
#847 update of TS with agrif nemo Bug closed high
#849 dynamic allocation in limrhg_2 nemo Bug closed high
#948 Uncorrect REBUILD for restart file with only ocean subdomains nemo Bug closed high
#955 avmu & avmv computation problem for the NEMO1D case rbourdal Bug closed high
#1111 error in the conv of AGRIF nemo Bug closed high
#1145 "explosive" isopycnal diffusion gm Bug closed high
#1191 bug in Offline nemo Bug closed high
#1213 XIOS issues nemo Bug closed high
#1254 problem with O3 optimisation level using ifort: NEMO crashes nemo Bug closed high
#1255 Out-of-bounds errors in tangent-linear and adjoint versions of SOR solver pabouttier Bug closed high
#1262 Failure/warning reported by tangent-linear and adjoint subroutine test 'tra_sbc_adj' nemo Bug closed high
#1288 nn_ice_lim declared string but compared as integer cbricaud Bug closed high
#1401 Missing call in lbc_lnk in bdydyn2d.F90 mocavero Bug closed high
#1437 off_src nemogcm routine: SUBROUTINE nemo_northcomms not phased with OPA_SRC/nemogcm routine cbricaud Bug closed high
#1476 correction for C1D configuration nemo Bug closed high 2015 release-3.6
#1482 No explicit lateral tracer diffusion in NEMOTAM nemo Bug closed high
#1483 Erroneous adjoint code in subroutine 'tra_ldf_iso_adj' of module 'traldf_iso_tam' nemo Bug closed high
#1494 SI3 documentation vancop Task closed high Documentation
#1497 Only part of the array e_i (and others) stored in restart file nemo Bug closed high
#1515 Temporary branch for CO6 Collaboration and Rose Suite development. Allows some retro options in CO5 deazer Task closed high Unscheduled
#1525 out of bounds in divcurl!! flavoni Bug closed high 2015 release-3.6
#1549 qsr_oce not initialised in lim_thd nemo Bug closed high
#1584 utrd_zdf and vtrd_zdf are velocities minus momentum trends gm Bug assigned high
#1673 Documentation of NEMO 3.6 gm Task closed high Documentation
#1698 ice-air coupling (LIM3). part3: bug in the non-solar heat flux clem Bug closed high
#1704 NEMO reproducibility fails with land domains exclusion nemo Bug closed high
#1723 diags KE with time_splitting gm Bug assigned high
#1753 Fix ssh incrementation in VVL code (Met Office) mathiot Defect closed high
#1905 Asselin filtering of tracers in tranxt.F90 with VVL and lk_dynspg_ts.AND.ln_bt_fw==.true. incorrectly assumes that e3t will be Asselin filtered agn Bug closed high
#1911 ENHANCE-04(2017WP) — MLF and RK3 time stepping gm Task assigned high Unscheduled
#1953 HPC-06(2017WP) XIOS restart read functionality andmirek Task closed high 2018 release-4.0
#1959 ENHANCE-09_Jerome_freesurface(2017WP) jchanut Task assigned high Unscheduled
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