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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Milestone Component
#1180 Bottom grid points with unrealistically cold temperature in ORCA2_LIM reopened gm Bug 2020 WP OCE
#1796 CICE interface modification for initial CICE output assigned timgraham Bug OCE
#1902 Agrif with timing control assigned jchanut Bug 2020 WP AGRIF
#1933 passive tracers trends assigned cetlod Bug TOP
#2135 Memory Bug requries compilation flag to zero all arrays to overcome in AMM15 assigned deazer Bug LDF
#2237 no/partial/strong slip condition is actually free slip in one-point straits new davestorkey Bug Unscheduled LBC
#2268 OBSTOOLS doesn't compile new systeam Bug OBS
#2298 Bug fixes to OBS and ASM found when reviewing the documentation assigned ayoung Bug OBS
#2414 doc does not compile new systeam Bug doc
#2418 model does not stop properly in stpctl reopened systeam Bug MULTIPLE
#2423 ln_mskland=T mask the under ice shelf seas in model ouput new systeam Bug IOM
#2435 Initialisation top/bottom 'en' value in zdftke new systeam Bug ZDF
#2457 Bug domcfg with isf new mathiot Bug tools
#2474 Bug(s) in the hpg_prj code? new jamesharle Bug Unscheduled DYN
#2490 Bug(s) in the hpg_prj code? new jamesharle Bug Unscheduled DYN
#2493 Out-of-bounds error in ORCA2-based mono-processor configuration new systeam Bug ICB
#2503 DOMcfg: careful review/cleaning needed after r13204 new systeam Bug Unscheduled tools
#2507 PAR output averaged on free-of-ice cell area new systeam Bug TOP
#1644 Few bugs in Trusting process assigned clevy Defect env
#1646 pit falls of choosing parameters in the F-S sigma code assigned deazer Defect OCE
#2051 Implementation of fresh water budget control for AGRIF configurations (here nn_fwb = 3 only) assigned jchanut Defect 2020 WP AGRIF
#2068 Wrong namelist double diffusion mixing parameter name assigned gm Defect OCE
#2119 improved land-processor suppression new Defect OCE
#2138 key_nemocice_decomp still needed? assigned smasson Defect 2018 release-4.0 LBC
#2177 Deriving scale factors if ln_isfcav = true new systeam Defect tools
#2227 local modification of the Gib strait, Danish strait and other no more in DOMAINcfg ? new systeam Defect tools
#2269 OBSTOOLS/sla2fb: old altimetry format assigned djlea Defect TOP
#2328 Introduce missing functionality for sn_cfctl options new acc Defect TOP
#2331 restructure ice_dyn_rhg_evp new andmirek Defect Unscheduled SI3
#2344 issues with 3D momentum trends diagnostics and split-explicit time-stepping new davestorkey Defect 2020 WP TRD
#2348 2D vorticity trend diagnostics need to updated to use XIOS new davestorkey Defect 2020 WP TRD
#2374 changes in option 2 version of iom.F90 which are not in the option 1 version new systeam Defect TOP
#2377 Incorrect restart after the first year of the model run when option 2 of the freshwater-budget adjustment mechanism is active (`nn_fwb = 2`, module `sbcfwb`) assigned smueller Defect SBC
#2384 ORCA2_OFF_PISCES sette test new systeam Defect Unscheduled OFF
#2386 tidy up restart read/write with XIOS assigned andmirek Defect IOM
#2407 ICB+SI3: blow up under specific circumstances in very shallow cell new mathiot Defect ICB
#2447 Wave variables not allocated new ayoung Defect 2020 WP MULTIPLE
#2452 integrate ABL in SETTE ORCA2_ICE_PISCES cfg new gsamson Defect Unscheduled CI
#2467 ICB namelist confusing new systeam Defect Unscheduled ICB
#2476 Missing mixing length parameterization under sea-ice new systeam Defect ZDF
#2487 Inflexible calendar year and approximate conversion in option 2 of the freshwater-budget adjustment mechanism new systeam Defect SBC
#2488 Inflexible calendar year and approximate conversion in option 2 of the freshwater-budget adjustment mechanism new systeam Defect SBC
#2491 output time step in istate assigned rblod Defect Unscheduled TOP
#2502 DOMcfg: improve reproducibility of the new mathiot Defect Unscheduled tools
#2505 NESTING tools: Bathymetry at bdy of AGRIF-nest is not consistent with parent bathymetry new systeam Defect AGRIF
#2509 AGRIF_DEMO: strange salinity in parent grid close to the coast if ln_linssh=F new systeam Defect AGRIF
#1579 Assumption initial conditions are on z-levels when ln_sco = .true. assigned jamesharle Feature request OCE
#1640 Wiki page for Trusting assigned clevy Feature request Documentation env
#1900 Considering ocean column properties in NEMO-ICB module assigned mathiot Feature request OCE
#2104 The mathlab utility for viewing and analyzing data in netcdf files assigned nicolasmartin Feature request tools
#2105 Phasing FCM version in vendors with a tag release from metomi Github repository assigned nicolasmartin Feature request env
#2140 DMP_TOOL modification new jenniewaters Feature request Unscheduled tools
#2303 What is still missing in SETTE ? new systeam Feature request CI
#2314 NEMO_SI3_decoupled new andmirek Feature request Unscheduled SAS
#2325 add EAP rheology to SI3 new systeam Feature request SI3
#2375 Check useless lbc_lnk in icb code assigned mathiot Feature request Unscheduled ICB
#2482 MO GO8 for GPU new andmirek Feature request Unscheduled MULTIPLE
#2494 ICB: cleaning icbutl interpolation routines new mathiot Feature request ICB
#2500 Memory usage of DOMAINcfg new systeam Feature request Unscheduled tools
#1463 CNRS-13(2015WP) - Subduction diagnostics assigned cetlod Task Unscheduled OCE
#1601 Add code for flux adjustment runs assigned ayoung Task Unscheduled OCE
#1829 Changes to C06 for climate simulation and reanalysis assigned ayoung Task Unscheduled OCE
#1894 mass and heat budgets in NEMO assigned clem Task OCE
#1908 ROMS wetting and drying scheme assigned mikebell Task Unscheduled OCE
#1918 ENHANCE-17(2017WP) — Multi-Column Ocean scheme (MCO) assigned gm Task Unscheduled OCE
#2015 ENHANCE-06 Repository cleaning (previously 2018WP) assigned nicolasmartin Task Unscheduled env
#2054 ENHANCE-07_crousset_LIM3adv_valorisation assigned clem Task Unscheduled OCE
#2190 SI3-09_TEOS_PHASE_DIAGRAM assigned vancop Task Documentation SI3
#2193 CMCC-03_Clementi_Add Wave Diag new emanuelaclementi Task 2020 WP SBC
#2222 AGRIF-03_jchanut_vert_coord_interp new jamesharle Task IMMERSE 2020 AGRIF
#2297 Updates to ASM and OBS documentation assigned djlea Task OBS
#2319 Create dev branch for PISCES-QUOTA improvments new aumont Task Unscheduled PISCES
#2333 calls to iom_put new andmirek Task Unscheduled DIA
#2336 AGRIF-01_mathiot_multigrid_load_balancing assigned ayoung Task IMMERSE 2020 AGRIF
#2337 SI3-01_stefryn_EAP_rheology new stefryn Task SI3
#2338 DATAINT-01_sciliberti_IMMERSE_Interfaces new sciliberti Task IMMERSE 2020 tools
#2339 ASINTER-02_emanuelaclementi_Waves new systeam Task IMMERSE 2020 ZDF
#2350 PHYPRO-03_jchanut_IWdrag assigned jchanut Task 2020 WP DYN
#2351 SI3-01_stefryn_EAP_rheology new stefryn Task IMMERSE 2020 SI3
#2352 PHYPRO-01_agn_OSMOSIS_science new agn Task IMMERSE 2020 DYN
#2353 ENHANCE-14_smueller_OSMOSIS_streamlining assigned smueller Task IMMERSE 2020 DYN
#2354 KERNEL-03_Storkey_Coward_RK3_stage2 new acc Task IMMERSE 2020 DYN
#2355 KERNEL-03_Storkey_Coward_RK3_stage3 assigned davestorkey Task IMMERSE 2020 DYN
#2356 KERNEL-02_Coward_Do Loop Macros_part1 new acc Task IMMERSE 2020 DYN
#2362 ENHANCE-13_gsamson_ABL_TOOLS new gsamson Task IMMERSE 2020 tools
#2363 VALID-08_gsamson_ORCA-ABL-BLK new gsamson Task IMMERSE 2020 SBC
#2364 HPC-04_mcastril_Mixed_Precision_implementation new mcastril Task IMMERSE 2020 env
#2365 HPC-02_Daley_Tiling new hadcv Task IMMERSE 2020 MULTIPLE
#2366 HPC-08_epico_Extra_Halo new epico Task IMMERSE 2020 DOM
#2367 HPC-09_epico_Loop_fusion new epico Task IMMERSE 2020 DOM
#2368 HPC-10_mcastril_HPDAonlineDiagGPU new mcastril Task IMMERSE 2020 DIA
#2369 ASINTER-04_laurent_bulk_ice assigned laurent Task IMMERSE 2020 SBC
#2385 KERNEL-06_techene_better_e3_management new techene Task 2020 WP DOM
#2417 SETTE: Make sette universal assigned smueller Task 2020 WP tools
#2419 ASINTER-06_gsamson_ABL_improvement new gsamson Task 2020 WP ABL
#2427 DATAINT-02_smueller_IOM_revision assigned smueller Task 2020 WP IOM
#2459 Replace SPITZ12 by WED025 and ISOMIP by ISOMIP+ in SETTE new mathiot Task TOP
#2462 restart read write with XIOS assigned andmirek Task MULTIPLE
#2468 Improve ice-ocean momentum coupling new systeam Task Unscheduled MULTIPLE
#2475 Use XIOS to read configuration data assigned andmirek Task MULTIPLE
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