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Ticket Summary Version Type Severity
#2119 improved land-processor suppression trunk Defect minor
#2177 Deriving scale factors if ln_isfcav = true trunk Defect minor
#2227 local modification of the Gib strait, Danish strait and other no more in DOMAINcfg ? 4.0-HEAD Defect minor
#2268 OBSTOOLS doesn't compile 4.0-HEAD Bug minor
#2303 What is still missing in SETTE ? trunk Feature request minor
#2325 add EAP rheology to SI3 trunk Feature request minor
#2332 Reduce unnecessary computation in sbccpl.F90 4.0-HEAD Defect minor
#2339 ASINTER-02_emanuelaclementi_Waves trunk Task minor
#2374 changes in option 2 version of iom.F90 which are not in the option 1 version 4.0-HEAD Defect minor
#2384 ORCA2_OFF_PISCES sette test trunk Defect minor
#2394 error when reading namelists trunk Defect major
#2404 Print output if reading open boundary data files can be missing trunk Defect minor
#2414 doc does not compile trunk Bug minor
#2418 model does not stop properly in stpctl trunk Bug minor
#2423 ln_mskland=T mask the under ice shelf seas in model ouput release-4.2 Bug minor
#2435 Initialisation top/bottom 'en' value in zdftke 4.0-HEAD Bug minor
#2463 Updating the online quickstart guide 4.0-HEAD Defect major
#2467 ICB namelist confusing trunk Defect minor
#2468 Improve ice-ocean momentum coupling trunk Task minor
#2472 bug in the drags (with ln_wave and ln_Cd_L15) 4.0-HEAD Bug major
#2476 Missing mixing length parameterization under sea-ice 4.0-HEAD Defect minor
#2487 Inflexible calendar year and approximate conversion in option 2 of the freshwater-budget adjustment mechanism 4.0-HEAD Defect minor
#2488 Inflexible calendar year and approximate conversion in option 2 of the freshwater-budget adjustment mechanism trunk Defect minor
#2492 Out-of-bounds error in ORCA2-based mono-processor configuration 4.0-HEAD Bug minor
#2493 Out-of-bounds error in ORCA2-based mono-processor configuration trunk Bug minor


Code branches status

NEMO 3.6


12227 by smasson on 2019-12-12 17:14:20
v3.6: minor bugfix in sbccpl, see #2132
11157 by nicolasmartin on 2019-06-20 16:13:23
Addition of DOI badge
10379 by clem on 2018-12-10 15:53:40
bug fix affecting the lead fraction transfered from the ice model to BGC. This fraction appears not to be limited by 1 (or amax to be more precise) while it should be.
10254 by lovato on 2018-10-29 17:53:15
v3.6 add missing initialization to dummy values of sn_tracer in trcnam.F90
10235 by lovato on 2018-10-26 16:24:14
v3.6 add missing use association in zdfric.F90

13245 by clevy on 2020-07-03 18:15:51
Update rst files
13244 by clevy on 2020-07-03 18:14:51
Update rst files
13242 by clevy on 2020-07-03 17:33:16
Update vlaidation script and READN for CPL_OASIS test case, see #2379
13237 by smasson on 2020-07-03 11:12:53
trunk: Mid-year merge, merge back KERNEL-06_techene_e3
13227 by smasson on 2020-07-02 16:25:42
trunk: re-add cfgs/ref_cfgs.txt

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